Thursday, July 27

In for a second, Out in a flash

We arrived home from camping last night around 8pm (lots to tell!!), unpacked what we absolutely had to, crashed into bed about midnight and we're up packing to leave for NC in another hour or so. This is just a status check to say that I survived famously out the wild blue yonder. When I get back home, my status will be updated to reflect step-daughter twice over. Ta-ta for now!

2 of Your THINKS:

maryellen said...

Thought about you every day, I kept checking your blog page wondering if you would break down and trek/hike/run/crawl to a coffee shop with internet access somewhere in the "wild blue yonder" to let us know how you were doing - hope all goes well at the wedding - will look forward to reading about both events when you return!

Rochelle said...

Glad you survived the great big outdoors. Have a fun trip to NC & can't wait to hear all your stories when you return to us!