Tuesday, July 4

Happy Independence Day

I took this pic last week at Little Chic's Girl Scout trip to Darien Lake during the laser light show. I don't consider myself politically savvy or anything, but I am a die-hard patriot. If you have problems with our country and the way the government does things, my suggestion for you today is to find a nice military person and thank them for defending your right to state your views out loud without getting arrested. It'll seriously help your attitude.

In any event, today's celebrations are not so exciting. I plan on recovering from the massive work I did yesterday helping Hero Guy unpack the doo-dads from his camping trip. You'll remember my groaning last week about doing so much to help him get prepared for said trip, of course. And a side note, is that I competely unpacked all my own stuff from my trek to the amusement park with Little Chic. On his behalf, I will admit that he was saving people from floodwaters while I worked on my own.

At this moment, Hero Guy and Little Chic are showing off the newest member of the Fire Dept. family, their pride and joy, the ladder truck. Little Chic is certainly pelting children on the head with various peices of candy as she attempts to distribute goodies to the watching masses while her dad creeps the truck down the street with a look of glowing pride on his face. Brainy Boy and I originally planned to go along but the parade was in jeopardy due to rain this morning, and by the time it was declared "ON" it would've been too much hassle to ready everyone and get out the door in time.

So happy July 4th, love your country, and if you don't, I know a good moving company I can recommend!

5 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

What a great pic! What a great time for HG and LC. I hope you and BB have a great day too.

Crystal Breeze said...

Great picture Jen! You are really getting into taking pictures. We need to start scrapbooking again. I still do it sometimes but not as serious as I use to be. Who has time anymore?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jennifer! Men and Women fighting for our freedom and people here complaining! UGH!
MY KIDS are SO bummed they canceled Highland Park Fireworks. I understand with all that is happening with the floods, BUT I am going to assume that children all over the area are bummed tonight too, it's a tradition and I think would have lifted some spirits tonight. BUMMER!!!!

Tess said...

I love that picture! what a great tribute.

I noticed on your profile that you enjoy reading The Birth Order Book - I LOVE that book! I reread it every year or so.

Paula said...

That is a great picture! Hope you had a great 4th! I missed you while you were away last week.