Wednesday, July 12

Fast Friends

I just can't seem to help myself. I'm a die-hard list girl, calendar keeper, scheduler of activities--I think I was born to be a concierge. I just can't seem to let the days of summer laze along without knowing what is supposed to be happening. Even if we aren't running ourselves ragged with outside activities, I'll resort to lists like "bathroom cleaning day" or "mopping floor day". Today was "Friend Day" the weekly event that we have in summer among all the other scheduled activities I make a regular practice like "Library Day" and "Park Day".

It is always enlightening to have somebody else's kids in your house. You never know what type of impression your house will make on them, and they are sure to let you know whether you live in a hovel or a mansion compared to their own abode. Today Little Chic had "Best Friend Forever" from school and Brainy boy invited "Cool Kid" from church.

BFF walks in and comments that our living room is her very favorite room. The vaulted knotty pine ceiling and beams running through apparently made an impression. Little Chic asked her if she'd like to pet a real bird. Well, BFF is going to operate the animal rescue shelter that Little Chic is going to serve as vet when they are grown, so being a natural animal lover, BFF thought petting a bird sounded grand. Imagine her horror when Little Chic leads her over to the wall where there is mounted none other than a full-sized wild turkey that Hero Guy shot during hunting season. BFF quickly withdrew her acceptance to pet the bird and commented that seeing it really made her feel really sad. Little Chic reassured her that it's actually very good that people shoot wild turkeys because then there are too many of them, and they begin to starve and kill themselves. BFF did admit that putting the turkeys out of their misery was indeed better than forcing them to commit suicide, but it still made her feel sad.

As they were retreating to Little Chic's room to play, I heard BFF explain, "My mom told me to be very polite. So if your mom makes something, I'm supposed to say that it's very delicious and that she is an excellent cook." Needless to say, Little Chic and BFF did their own snack fixing for the afternoon.

6 of Your THINKS:

Paula said...

That's cute!!!

Debbie said...

Children, that's as close to innocence as you can get. I love their clear unclouded statements.

Mary Ellen said...

I love kids honesty, even when it's not so great when directed at you, as long as their not cruel I love their straight forwardness - just cracks me right up!

e-Mom said...

"I think I was born to be a concierge." I can totally relate to this comment of yours. I am forever organizing something. My husband is just the opposite... a "fireman," a responder. I think I'm finally learning how to do things his way and "go with the flow." But it's taken me YEARS!

amyb said...

It sounds like John has been brainwashing Caroline about the reason he hunts :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!!!!
I remember my BFF at 8/9 years old!