Friday, July 7

Daddy's Girl

I witnessed an amazing thing last night. Little Chic was invited to sing at our annual church family camp which is about a 45-minute drive from our church. That's a big undertaking for an 8-1/2 year old girl, but being the aspiring American Idol that she is, it is also right down her alley. She has looked forward to it for weeks now, and she drove us all nuts rehearsing her rendition of Amazing Grace with the performance track about a gazillion times since Sunday. As yesterday approached, her nerves set in a bit, but excitement was still the dominant emotion that exuded from her.

For some reason, Little Chic had her heart set on Hero Guy making the show even though we'd all seen it performed at church and a school Talent Show already. Because of logistics of getting us all to the destination on time, I took Brainy Boy and Little Chic myself and Hero Guy drove directly from work. To complicate matters, Hero Guy needed to leave directly after the 3- minute performance to drive 45 minutes back to work for a meeting.

As we arrived, I saw Little Chic become increasingly agitated, nervous and generally unsettled. She had only a slight care about when she would sing, which microphone she would use, whether people would be looking at her. Her major upset was that her dad had not arrived yet and that he was going to 'miss her song, for sure.' As the time grew closer and Hero Guy still had not arrived, I began distracting her with comments about how well she was going to do, how blessed people would be by hearing her sing about God and how she would feel a sense of satisfaction at being able to sing in front of a couple hundred people. She was nearing tears at one point, thinking she might not want to perform after all, when she realized that Hero Guy had gotten there.

It was the weirdest thing. I've never seen such an instant change of attitude and demeanor ever in my life. I suppose that is one of the opportunities of parenthood - getting to see every range of human emotion in the most elementary, childlike form without filter, inhibition or self-consciousness. It was such a chance for me to see the real evidence of a girl having a dad who is just exactly what God intended him to be--the most central figure of power and comfort in the life of a child. Little Chic went instantly from insecure, nervous little girl to chatterbox explaining to dad exactly where she would stand, how she had to keep the mic pointed away from the speakers and how she was going to walk down to Kids Church after she changed out of her fancy dress first. There was no nervousness once Hero Guy got there, only excitement. I could've been a little insulted since I was the one that supervised the practice, got her there, did all the coaching, but honestly, I was so glad to be married to a guy who loves our girl like that...and she has no doubt about it.

What A Dad Will Do For His Daughter
by Cheryl D'Aprix

What a Dad will do for his daughter is rock his sick baby girl until the sun peeks through the darkness letting him know the night of worry is over.

He will take her small hand in his and walk slowly as she takes her firstwalk to the ice cream shop to share a cone full of heaven on earth.

He will sip from the tiny tea cup she has set in front of him and in harmony with the stuffed animals carefully placed in their seats he will sing the praises of her great hospitality.

He will sit through dance recitals and fashion shows where he is the only audience and will clap with the enthusiasm of a thousand people.

He will take her fishing and play soccer, and introduce her to the world outside as if just experiencing it for the first time himself. Perhaps he is.

He will sit with her through sweat and tears over homework that was supposed to be turned in the day before and he'll smile as they finish, seeing her relief.

He will place a firm hand on the shoulder of the young man that comes to take her to the school dance silently letting him know where he stands and what he expects.

He will watch with overflowing pride as his young lady accepts her high school diploma and will silently pray to God to calm his fears and get him throughout the day.

He will be full of conversation and more than happy to listen when she calls home now and then.
Even when the game of the year is on.

He will gently fold her arm around his and with all the courage and faith he can hold onto he will stroll down the aisle, giving her hand but keeping her youth.

He will be the first one in the maternity ward, at the nursery window, carefully inspecting the activities of his new family member. Another part of her, another part of him.

He will reassure her as time rages on and the signs of his old age start to frighten her.

He will caress her hand with a passion to which she has never felt as he whispers his last wishes to her.

He will come to her heart for all her life as she sees his manner in herself or his features in her children.

He will live in the smiles that grace her face as she remembers the things he did for her.

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Debbie said...

That is such a darling pic of HG & LC. I really enjoyed reading about their really close bond, that's sweet & I can tell she is Daddy’s special girl.

Paula said...

Bravo!!! A very inspiring post! Thank you, thank you! Have a great weekend!

Thad said...

Good Dads are hard to find. I'm glad that you found one for your kids. They'll grow up to be great people because of it. Maybe even great Moms and Dads!

Anonymous said...

OH MY JENNIFER, what a great post and poem to follow!!!
A dad's love for his little girl is very special. When I read this post, it reminds me of how much I sure do miss my daddy! I know he watches over me, but how I wish he could see me as a mommy! The bond they have between them will last a lifetime!
I heard her sing at the talent show and I cried! I could just imagine how she touched a few hundred people!
I am STILL waiting to hear YOU sing!

amyb said...

John really is a good dad! You are very blessed to have a good husband and father for your children.

Malissa said...

wow! what a great husband you have. Your daughter probably doesn't even know yet how blessed she is.

Isn't God like this to us?:)

Visiting from the BC carnival

Rebecca said...

I'm making hubby read this one. So sweet!

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad that he could make it! Sometimes despite their best efforts, they can't. I guess that's another lesson, too.

The poem got me all misty, too.

Paula said...

Came over from the Carnival of Blogging Chicks to see what your post was, a great one!

Christina said...

Hi, I came over from the Blogging Chicks carnival! What a sweet post about Little Chic and Hero Guy! I enjoyed reading about the bond between them. It makes me look forward to seeing my husband as a daddy, hopefully in about eight months :)

Polly said...

Great post. Dads do make a difference.

Great Day said...

here from the BBC #5 - I love the post, because it really hits home. My daughter is the same way when my husband walks in the door. Even if she is having an absolute fit with me, she will happy right up when dad walks in the door.

she is only one!