Friday, July 14

By the Book

Little Chic and I participated in the first meeting of our Mother Daughter book club. It was a thrill for Little Chic because she loves belonging to any type of group or team, but this was the first official 'club' she's ever joined. We had run out to our favorite Barnes & Noble the day we found out the book selection we'd be reading, and we started right in when it arrived from special order. We took turns reading aloud to one another and finished within two or three evenings. We've been waiting impatiently ever since for the book discussion date to finally come, and we were the first to show up at the doorstep of the discussion leader Thursday night.

It was pretty impressive to see a group of 8 to 11 year-olds talk intelligently about the book's themes including friendship, courage, self-doubt, insecurity, peer pressure, etc. The moms sat back and listened just interjecting enough to keep the conversation flowing, but it was really neat to see mature ideas come from such little bodies.

No book club is complete without some snacks and energetic jumping on the trampoline (the girls, not the moms) so we put the brains to rest and got the blood flowing with a little jaw flapping and springboarding after the book talk.

Our next book is The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis and we'll have to let you know how well we like that one when we're finished.

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Debbie said...

That sounds like such a cool and happening club!

mary ellen said...

What a great idea, and what a great way to get a child interested in reading. I've heard of book clubs before but not this kind, very cool!

I can't believe you Mom's didn't get up there and jump too - it's great exercise you know. :-)

amyb said...
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amyb said...

Those are the kinds of things I look forward to doing with Brooke when she is Caroline's age. I hope my children grow up with a love for books and that is a great way to keep it fun and interesting for them. Brooke is a social butterfly like Caroline so I'm sure she'll also like any sort of "club".

Rach said...

What a fabulous idea. A book club for young readers! I love it!
I think I may just have to start something up like that around here with some friends, but for the 7 yr olds.

How do you pick the books?

Rochelle said...

Sounds like FUN! What a great idea. I would have loved it myself at her age...come to think of it I think I'd actually love it at MY age too!

Paula said...

Oh I hope my five year old and I can be in a book club someday!!! Sounds like so much fun.

Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jen,

Sorry me and Maddie missed the book club meeting. I know we were supposed to be their but I went to the pool with John, Stacie, Angel and Amy instead. We had alot of fun. I will be their next time for sure.

Anonymous said...

SO cute!!! Do they have mom and son ever? I know Damon would love it!!!!
Camron likes to read but ONLY nonfiction! No chapter books for him. He just likes alot of info in that brain of his! And it came in handy on vacation, he knew things about fishing (a book he got at the GFJ library) that his dad or uncle didn't know!!!
Caroline sounds like she had lots of fun with her mom!

mrsbeaver said...

It was really fun! I was so pleased with all the girls participation. For others interested check out the book "The Mother Daughter Book Club" by Shireen Dodson. I bet you could do it with sons too- why not? As for choosing the books, just check out some book lists and nominate a few and have an informal vote.