Saturday, June 3

Nature Calls

No big philosophical post today, just an "I told you so". Nice, aren't I? Anyway, in the two weeks that my hummingbirds have been back 'home' for the summer, I've repeatedly been told that I must be mistaken, but that hummingbirds never stop flying, and do not land to sit on things. I'm not sure where the information comes from, but this seems to be a commonly believed 'fact'. Since last year was my first year having hummingbirds around, I thought I must be mistaken as well.

This picture demonstrates how my little hummingbird regularly sits when he visits. He sits on the staff that the birdseed feeder hangs from, he sits atop my flower pots and regularly sits on the different brackets that I hang my plant, flags or his feeder from. I have 3 hummingbirds (2 males and 1 female), so I'm not sure if it's the same male sitting all the time or not. They usually hover when they feed, but this little guy was sitting when he fed at one point today.

Incidentally, if you've never seen a hummingbird up close, at least this variety (ruby-throated hummingbird) is about the size of a woman's thumb (not counting the beak, but counting the tail). A lot of times it looks like a very large bumblebee passing by. Once the birds get used to coming to my feeder (about 6 feet away from my sliding glass door), I'll move it to the outside of my sliding glass door, and they will come feed while I stand on the other side of the glass. It's amazing how tiny their feet are when you see them up close (their toes look about as thick as the leg of a grandaddy-longlegs). They also make a little chirping sound every time they swallow. And their wings do hum and they look blurry because they move so fast. Today while sitting, the hummingbird was kind of preening his feathers and even lifted a leg to scratch an itch on his ear.

Since I'm just the plethora of information today, if you want to make hummingbird food, boil 1 cup water and add 1/4 cup sugar till it dissolves. I used to use the storebought red nectar, but I read somewhere that it is linked to birth defects in the baby birds....dont' know if that is true. After reading that, I tried to switch away from the red food, and make my own sugar water, but they wouldn't eat what I made. This year, I started directly with the homemade recipe, and they are drinking it right up.

So now you know!

6 of Your THINKS:

Thad said...

We must have lazy hummingbirds out here because ours sit all of the time. We have a feeder attached to the kitchen window. I'll try to capture a picture to prove your "theory" that they sit (even while feeding).

Marissa Kay said...

How cute! I wanted to get a picture of my hummingbirds today but in the hustle of this week I cannot find my camera. I will (like Thad) attempt to get a picture, but Your picture came out GREAT! Well done, "Miss Information"!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he is so cute! Thanks for sharing the recipe as I wanted to start feeding hummingbirds this year. Who knows, maybe we will get our feeder soon. Last year we had a hummingbird fly into our garage. He would sit on the little cord from the garage door plugged in close to the ceiling. I had to leave the garage door open for the little fella all afternoon until he made his way back outside.

- Debbie Stewart

Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jennifer,

Our little hummer's sit all the time. I have two feeders because I read somewhere that they like to go back and forth from feeder to feeder for fun.,,

Thad said...

Here's the proof....Our hummingbirds sit while feeding, too.

mary ellen huff said...

They are so cool - my Grandma Kemmerer has one hanging near a window in Windsor, that was my first introduction to them and the way they hover with those wings going so fast you can't see them was really neat to watch up close. If we had them in FL I'd hang one near a window but I don't think they reside in the sunny south!