Friday, June 9

Do I Get to, Do I Have to?

Five things I GOT to do today:
1) Coordinate Little Chic's fourth grade orientation at school.
2) Get my ear pierced (top of my ear in the cartilage)
3) Have a mini pecanbon at Cinnibon
4) Have dinner out with the kickboxing posse at the Jail House restaurant in a real jail cell.
5) Buy my favorite air fresheners at the clearance sale at Bath & Body works for $5 instead of $12

Five things I HAD to do today:
1) Get up extra early to make it to the school on time
2) Grocery shopped
3) Vacuum the floor before the babysitter gets here
4) Pay a babysitter so I can go out with the girls
5) Clean out my car so I can carpool with one of the girls for dinner

3 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

I love the second piercing!

Crystal Breeze said...

Jennifer did that piercing hurt?

Anonymous said...

How is your ear today? Mine is a bit sore! I totally forgot today as I put my sunglasses on and took them off and hit it a few times! I can't wait to be able to wear my hair behind my ear to show it off. You have a great haircut for it!
OH, and WHY OH WHY did you clean out your van for me???? Never do that again!!!hehe! (I have to clean mine for Albany!)