Tuesday, June 20

Adventures Up High

Well, I took the Beast for my first drive today, and I must say, I'm feeling quite macho. This is a vehicle whose door base hangs at about waist-level for me. Before today, in order to get in, I had to literally raise my knee up to my chest to place it on the floorboard, and hoist myself up into the truck. Picture that pretty scene on date night. Yeah, Baby!

Hero Guy had an emergency urge to get the Class 4 tow hitch and the factory mud flaps immediately. He dispatched me as he wasn't able to escape from work himself, and for a rare afternoon, the Beast was already parked in our driveway (Hero Guy is running the medic vehicle this week). Sitting in the seat, overlooking the tops of every other vehicle on the road, I had a feeling of power, authority, brawn. I will admit that it was with an embarrassed flush that I entered Cole Muffler and the Ford dealership to load up the coveted accessories, as Hero Guy had been stalking the office staff of both establishments since the merchandise was on backorder. My friendly smile and profuse thanks made them look at me with pity for living with such an enthusiastic customer.

I then hauled all 3/4-ton of the truck over to the Christian Bookstore where I got two immense boxes of Vacation Bible School (VBS) material for our church. The bookstore manager said he hoped I had help unloading the boxes as they were 'very large'. When I got to the church to unload my deliveries, nary a soul was within sight and I had no time to piddle looking for muscle. I opened the hatch and heaved both boxes (okay, one at a time) out of the truck and carried them inside the church without even setting them down to rest once~!

After I got back in the truck, I realized why Hero Guy has been driving pickup trucks for his last four vehicles. He firmly denies that there is any chance that he will ever again drive anything other than a pickup truck, and the bigger the better. I understand it now. It makes a manly-man out of you. You can do anything when in the driver's seat of a truck such as this. Now if I can just keep extra hair from growing on my chin, I might take it for a spin once in a while.

8 of Your THINKS:

Crystal Breeze said...

You go Girl!

Thad said...

I feel for the "manly man" that has to repeatedly fill the gas tank. I'll stick with my fuel-sippin' sissy mobile :)

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way driving Chris's vehicle! Queen of the Road and WATCH IT, here I come!!!!

Debbie said...

In my book… The higher the better! You may need Hero Guy to provide a nice running board for you while he’s at it. Or wait, would that cramp his style? :o)

Anonymous said...

i am thinking we will be seeing you in workboots and levi jeans soon:)

Anonymous said...

It sounds like my red-neck BIL is rubbing off on my big city loving sister. You guys really need to move to TN - you would fit RIGHT in about 45 miles East or South of here. abb

Paula said...

I love trucks! Maybe one day I'll have a jacked up one. We had our first VBS meeting this week. We're doing the Artic Edge.

Maria del Carmen said...

Hi, I found you on Paula's Walk (her blogroll). I must say VBS is awesome! FIESTA!!!

Enjoy the songs! My kids are still hummin' them!