Thursday, May 11

Waaaay Behind Schedule

Yeah, well, most of you know from previous posts that I am not a real strong candidate in the Home Ec department. I require cleanliness and attempt at tidiness, but the decorating situation at the Olsen's is nothing to make a special trip for. I love having a house that looks like it is from the pages of Home & Garden or even the Log Home catalog, but truly I hate nothing more than getting it that way. Once it's done, I'm all about it, enjoying every minute, but the process of decorating, arranging and fixing up just does not hold any creative appeal for me whatsoever.

It is with this preface that I admit that today, yes, May 11, I am just taking down the last of my winter decor. That would include 2 or 3 snowman knickknacks and a couple of garland sprays that have pinecones and other such 'cold weather' connotations. I tell myself and others that I take down my Christmas decorations halfway through January and I take down my snowman stuff before Easter. Then I put up my fall stuff the first week of school, Thanksgiving stuff right after Halloween and Christmas stuff right after Thanksgiving. BUT the truth is, I just love calendars, schedule books, dates and lists, so it simply gives me a chance to mentally jot myself a note. Quite frankly, I could really care less about when or if I ever get the stuff up OR down, and the only thing that springs me to action is embarrassment when I know in advance that someone will be stopping by and will take notice. That someone this weekend, is my mother, who is a decorating fiend. She, like her own mother, loves decorating, just for the sake of putting things up and taking things down. Now she isn't judgmental at all, and other than a silent chuckle, she wouldn't care if I just kept my snowmen up until it was winter again, but I do have some pride, people. So for that reason, I'll be gritting my teeth, digging out my box(es) of lovely spring/summer themed candles, pictures, berry garland, etc., and will sit with a self-satisfied smile as I watch Survivor tonight, surrounded by things that represent the season that is already fading into the next one. I just have to ignore that little voice that says "what's wrong with you?....This should have been done ages ago". I answer to myself that decorating doesn't get the laundry done and then I feel so much better.

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

i am with you. if it were not for a calendar, you would not know what holiday/season we were in at my house. i really love the holidays/seasons, i just do not love bringing all that STUFF out of the basement. my decorating motto...less is more:)

Crystal Breeze said...

I always have eveything put away after each holiday. I am pretty good at it and it has become tradition with my kids to play, " I spy" for holiday decor when I am packing them away.

Anonymous said...

Hey there you! I love you just the way you are and would not have you any other way. At least you are into the whole seasonal 'THING'. I love Christmas and that's the time of year when I really burst. I have my tree up before Thanksgiving and our outside lights are normally up by then too. I'm really good about taking down the Christmas decorations sometimes before the 1st of Jan.
That said. I normally don't get into the whole seasonal decorating bit. What's up is up and normally stays that way year round. Hat's off to you from my corner of the world to yours!

- Debbie Stewart