Friday, May 12

My Husband, the OREH

That would be 'hero' spelled backward. Now normally, I am his biggest fan because of all the macho-bravery stuff he does every day. But today, I'm just a little irked! The story is this. A couple of weeks before Palm Sunday I got a wicked virus that kept me feeling yuck for almost 3 weeks. I went to the Dr. who insisted it was sinus, but it felt more like the flu to me with laryngitis, headache, coughing incessantly and the like. I finally kicked it, but not before missing the church cantata I had a solo in, and passing it on to my beloved. He too, suffered, moaning and groaning for about 3 weeks (much more loudly than I, of course) and went on a business trip before he was fully recovered. He 'forgot' to take with him the remainder of his medicine and came home just about as miserable as he had been at the start of his sickness. His diagnosis, from a different doctor, was Coxsackie Virus (hand, foot, mouth disease) so who knows if we each had the same thing--our symptoms were pretty much alike.

Soooo, as of yesterday morning, I am again waking up with a sore throat and stuffy nose. Now I generally am a healthy person, and I will take my once-a-year sinus infection or cold all in stride. That is especially true if it just happens upon me in the course of the wintertime. It's a little harder to take when the germ has been passed to me by somebody I know, but I can still be a good sport. But, when I've already passed it down the line, I do not expect to get it back. I am like this with everything I give away, not just germs. If I pass clothes on, I don't want them returned. If I have a yard sale, all the leftovers go to the Salvation Army--nothing comes back in the house.

So you can understand my crankiness that I have been 'tagged' back by Mr. Sicky who is an awesome nurse, but only when he's feeling good himself. I guess it's a lucky thing that my mom, who is a real-life nurse, will be arriving tonight. Frankly, the thing that gets me the most is not the annoying symptoms, but the fact that once again, I am supposed to sing in church on Sunday morning for Mother's Day and likely won't be able to. Bah Humbug!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so, so sorry! That's awful especially having this nasty thing for the 2nd time around now. I realy hope it's just a minor thing and blows over for your sake.

Many Prayers,

Debbie Stewart

maryellen said...

Me thinks that whomever takes your places when you can't sing is secretly passing you germs so you can't and they can!

Just kidding, that is a total bummer. Hopefully the second time around whatever it is will be much weaker. At least your Mom is coming, that in itself should make you feel better.

Pamela Lynn ~ flutterby7 said...

So sorry you are feeling sick again. Prayers that you and your hero will be feeling better soon.

Welcome to the Blogging Chicks!
TTFN ~ Pamela Lynn

Rochelle said...

Not again! That stinks! Maybe you should try to outdo your husbands role acting as the 'suffering patient'?? Maybe he'll be less likely to send the germs back your way........ Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Believe me I can relate, although poor Steve was the one that kept getting the tonsilitis and strep throat from me for three months. Even though I was being good and finishing my med's and not kissing the guy at all and trying to not breathe on him. I hope you both get better and over it soon.

Thad said... this "coincidence" or did you plant this?......

Your Bible passage of the day....

God's Daily Word

Jesus turned around and said to her, "Daughter, be encouraged! Your faith has made you well." And the woman was healed at that moment.
Matthew 9:22 (NLT)

Maybe, you should come to revival tonight.....just don't cough on me!

Crystal Breeze said...

Hey Jen don't worry I will come to your rescue. I will sing for you this Sunday. Was it something really hard you had plan to sing because Ethan and I just learned all the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and let me tell you I am a slow learner.

Maybe I can come over and make a music video of you before you loose your voice. That would just ROCK!

Alli's Mom said...

Poor you, getting it again! I somehow always end up with whatever virus, cold, ickiness my hubs has, I think that he coughs on me while I'm sleeping. Here's hoping your mom can make it all better!

Welcome to Blogging Chicks!