Thursday, May 4

I What?

I AM: A reality TV nut
I WANT: To be able to run 5 miles without stopping
I WISH: I weren't such a procrastinator of things I don't want to do
I HATE: Bread pudding
I LOVE: Gooey desserts
I MISS: My in-laws living in town
I FEAR: My kids getting seriously hurt or sick
I HEAR: The Xbox and TV running simultaneously
I WONDER: Why God has blessed me so much
I REGRET: Not having my sister as my maid of honor in my wedding
I AM NOT: Artistic
I DANCE: Like somebody who never dances
I SING: The exact same lullaby twice every single night (Hush Little Baby to each kid)
I CRY: When I'm frustrated
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: Lots of lists and calendars
I WRITE: With little tiny printing
I CONFUSE: My kids when I lecture them too much
I NEED: To connect with at least one friend every single day
I SHOULD: Do more transcription and less web surfing
I START: Lots of projects
I FINISH: Reading every magazine I can get my hands on (cover to cover)

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Jen, that was cool and I think we should each do one of those. So I am going to copy your list and add in my own comments and I hope the others will do it as well.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed that so much and am working on mine too. Wow! The running thing for 5 miles amazes me! Sheesh, I'm exhausted thinking about that one.

- Debbie Stewart

meh said...

Very cool - tiny writing, I remember that! I've never known someone to write as small as you do, I haven't seen your writing in a long time but I sure can see it in my mind!