Friday, May 19

Green Thumb, Hairy Tongue

As ill-equipped as I am to have plants flourish under my care, Little Chic has been blessed with an inbred green thumb. She loves plants, tends to them, remembers to water them, fusses over them every day and they just grow. She was thrilled when I bought her a couple of the little 'water-and-grow' kits where you soak a dried up dirt clod in water and it expands to 10 times its original size and fluffs up into potting soil. The seeds are included along with a miniature clay pot and if you are lucky and the seeds aren't too old, a few days of waiting will produce a flower, herb or whatever variety of plant you've selected.

Last Friday afternoon, Caroline followed her directions to the letter and planted her morning glories. After two days of waiting for Eric to plant his kit of forget-me-nots, she took over his flowers and claimed them as her own as well. She was so excited when a few days later, sprouts showed up, and by the end of the week, she had little stalks of plants that had reached about 3 inches in height. We decided the miniature pots weren't going to last another day longer, and we got out some soil and larger pots to replant the baby flowers into. Just as we were getting ready to transplant them, Caroline was horrified to realize that Bobcat had followed her lead and looked the plants over--nibbling the tops off the stalks of one of the varieties.

That's the closest I've ever seen Caroline to really getting after Bobcat for being naughty. She and I both usually ooh and aaah over all the antics our bad cat does, and we think she is so funny when she regularly gets into trouble. This time, Bobcat just about pushed the limits--luckily we were able to save most of the plants and I think we'll still have a good selection since many of the seeds seem to have taken. I guess that's why they say curiosity kills the cat--it's the revenge of the plant owner that will do her in.

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Rochelle said...

reminds me of the regular battles we have with squirrels around here in our attempts to have a garden!

Robin said...

No time to really read or write now, but I loved your "about me" in your profile. My kinda girlfriend ;) I'll be back for a visit soon.