Thursday, May 4

Gotta Love those Gadgets

As mentioned in an earlier post this week, our weather has been exceedingly beautiful. In fact, every year I live in upstate NY, our weather seems to get milder. We have actually had a decent spring with summer-like temperatures occasionally. With this, brings about profuse complaining from Little Chic who is perpetually hot. Combine that with school buildings that still have their heat on full-blast as if we live at the Arctic Circle. Under normal winter conditions, Little Chic will fuss and whine about having to wear socks of all things with her shoes, protest loudly about having to wear long sleeves much less any sort of jacket and insists that her legs will NOT get cold while wading through snow on the way to church if she wears a dress without stockings.

Because of her propensity for imaginary hot flashes I thought it a bit odd that she has been dragging out summer shirts these last few weeks and pairing them with, of all things, pants! Today when I asked why she didn't wear the adorable new skort (which she usually loves) that went with the new top she had on (with long pants), she informed me that her legs are ......"hairy".

Well....that is all this Mom needed to hear. First of all, I remember being at that stage in about 3rd or 4th grade and since the predetermined age of shaving when I was growing up was 12, I was in a pickle. I hit adolescence/puberty at a way-too-early age, so by the time I was 9 or so, I had the same problem as Little Chic. I remember being absolutely mortified, but luckily, the powers that be had pity and bent the rules at bit to remedy my own fuzzy situation. Second, as anyone who knows me can attest, I can hardly refrain from the opportunity to legitimately have an excuse to try out some new gadget or product that I've seen on the market. And let me tell you, that VEET thingy has just been trying to jump in my basket every single time I'm in the hair-removal aisle. The problem is, I'm not into the whole bother of cream dipilatories, since the razor in the shower is just too convenient so I really didn't have a proper reason to buy it.

BUT, Little Chic is just waaay too young to be trusted with a sharp, slicing device on her skin, so although I don't want to rush her into maturity, she came up with the problem on her own, and I had the perfect solution (hee-hee). So we made an emergency stop by CVS and found a thrilling discovery! Apparently Nair has jumped on the bandwagon and now has their own little fake shaver to use with their hair-removal cream and it was on sale (for half price!) So for $3.86, I got to bond with my daughter as we went over the finer points of female grooming, she'll be able to wear a skirt tomorrow and I got to satisfy the urge I've been resisting since the VEET razor came out last summer.

Oh, and I also got to explain the expression "soft as a baby's butt". She thought that was pretty funny.

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Anonymous said...

Funny and cute. I love it that your such a gadget junky. It makes for an amusing read. I have bent to a couple infomercials on TV and have never been disappointed by my purchase. There really are some cool things out there. So the Nair thing worked well on her legs. I have always wondered about the Veet thing.

Anonymous said...

bsOH POOH! I forgot to put my name. The above post is by me!!


Anonymous said...

I am about to give up here, but I just wanted to clarify that I didn't add that bs at the beginning and don't know where it came from. Didn't want you to think I was cussing or something.

Thad said...

Why is it that girl gadgets cost 3 bucks and guy gadgets cost 300 bucks?

Anonymous said...

Gotta say I love it! She's going to be one happy camper from now on in that department. :o)

- Debbie Stewart

Rochelle said...

Uggh, This brings back memories of being in the same predicament as Caroline. You are a great Mom to help her find such a solution!

Crystal Breeze said...

Maddie is thinking she needs to shave too but I still think peach fuzz is acceptalbe for being 8 years old. Was their any rash or did it break her skin out?

$3 bucks wouldn't be bad to at least just try it. Thad would most likley kill me though.