Wednesday, May 31

Denying Reality

I have to admit that life is pretty good when the biggest bummer of the night is that all the reality shows I watch are over. After Memorial Day weekend, and out-of-town company, I hadn't had a spare second to relfect on the fact that Survivor, American Idol, American Inventor, Amazing Race, etc...are all finished. Some finished the way I wanted and some didn't. Just to prove that I really need to get a hobby, I looked up in Wikipedia to identify a list of reality shows of which I have seen at least one episode. Mind you, there are only very few regulars, and I will star those that I intentionally watch so that you don't think I'm a complete moron with way too little to keep me busy. But here they are (drumroll....)

Amazing Race***
American Chopper
American Idol***
American Inventor***
America's Next Top Model
The Anna Nicole Show
The Apprentice***
Average Joe
The Bachelor (Used to be a ***, but they never stay together so I skipped the last series)
The Bachelorette
Big Brother
The Biggest Loser***
Blind Date
Boiling Points
Brat Camp
Candid Camera***
Celebrity Fit Club
Cops (Hero Guy still forces me to watch)***
Dog the Bounty Hunter***
Dog Eat Dog
Extreme Makeover
Extreme Makeover Home edition
Faking It
Family Plots
Fear Factor
For Love or Money
The Gastineau Girls
Girls Behaving Badly
Growing Up Gotti
Hogan Knows Best
How Clean is Your House*** (for strong stomachs only)
I Married a Princess
I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here
The Jamie Kennedy Experiement
Joe Millionaire
The Joe Schmo Show
Making the Band
Meet the Barkers
Meet My Folks
Miami Ink
The Mole (MISS it)
Nanny 911
Nashville Star
Laguna Beach
The Real World
Reno 911
Rescue 911
The Restaurant
Road Rules
The Salon
The Simple Life
Sorority Life
Spy TV
Star Search
Starting Over
The Swan
Temptation Island
Tommy Lee Goes to College
The Osbournes
Trading Spaces
Trading Spouses (a spouse-appreciation exercise)
True Life
What Not to Wear
Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire

There may be a few you've heard of that are not here. It is either because the list was so long that I missed one ( I only went down the list once) or that I've only seen part of an episode before I lost interest for some reason or another. Otherwise, I've heard of most of them, but haven't watched more than a channel-clicker's worth, so I won't count it.

One tidbit that I'm sure you'll want to know: Reality shows are classified as one of several categories - Documentary style (where it follows something happening to a group, like Airline on A&E), Hidden Camera (like Candid Camera), Reality Games/Talent Searches (like Survivor or American Idol), Spoofs (like the Joe Schmo show) or Parodies (like Reno 911).

After analyzing my results, I guess I'm more of a game show type girl. See what you're missing?!

11 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I looked forlornly at the TV listings for last night myself!! I am into the NBA playoffs, especially since the Miami Heat are still in the tonight's lineup is lookin' a little better.

Anonymous said...

I know it's a really sad thing that our shows are over this season.

Bob and I are now going to start getting into "So You Think You Can Dance". We really enjoyed that one last year.

- Debbie Stewart

knitti-me said...

So You Think You Can Dance, Hell's Kitchen and Rock Star: Supernova will all be on this summer.

But I'm kind of bummed that Survivor (Terry should have won), American Idol (cannot stand Taylor Hicks); and The Amazing Race (yay BJ and Tyler!) are over.

Here from Wendy's

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

How did you miss TOP CHEF! THAT was fabulous! Especially if you are really into beautifully presented food! I got hooked on it when I was lying in bed sick...and found it completely addictive!
I haven't seen many reality shows and that was the only one I was really "into" except for the last four episodes of American Idol...

JenLo said...

Ok, so I'll try 'Think you can dance', but as for the food shows, I only like to see the final product, and then I want to eat it, which puts me in a bad mood.

Maggie said...

My husband makes me watch Dog the Bounty Hunter occasionally. It's good for a laugh sometimes.

Crystal Breeze said...

Survivor and Amazing Race are my top favorites. And yes I am sad too that they are over. But at least this gives me time to catch up on show I couln't watch during the year. Rerun time babe....

Anonymous said...

It's funny that we grew up in the same house b/c I really don't get into Reality shows. Now 24 and Lost...bring 'em on. Actually we watch those a season behind so that we can get the DVDs from Netflix and watch the whole season in a few weeks. abb

Anonymous said...

I think we were separated at birth...I'm completely hooked on anything reality and there are a few that weren't on your list that I watch...Project Runway with Heidi Klum and sadly...Flavor of Love...did I just admit that in public? :)-Jenn Jones

Paula said...

I'm glad to meet someone else who like reality tv. My hubby can't stand the stuff and I'm an addict!

Anonymous said...

I forgot, Hell's Kitchen, we really get into that one too. We will be tuned to that very soon as well.

We've also watched many, many, many of the shows you've listed.

- Debbie Stewart