Tuesday, May 2


It's hard to believe, but it's true. I'm the mom to a kid who has been alive a decade. My recent birthday didn't make me feel as old as his 10th does! This little guy was a life-changing blessing to me. I married thinking I didn't ever want kids. Luckily, God knew I did and gave them to me anyway once He knew I was ready. Being a mom to he and his sister revealed the authentic me. I'll never be the same.

Here are the top 10 things I love about my kid:

1) He plays army out in the front yard with no self-consciousness of the car passengers thinking he's a nut.
2) He loves to read even more than I do - anything from history books to comic books.
3) He is truly the most spiritually astute child I've ever met. His quirk is that he prays before he eats his bowl of cereal in the morning. Both of them. And then again for his milk.
4) Nothing makes him more upset than when somebody is mean to one of his friends. He's out for justice when that happens.
5) It makes him really happy when people laugh at one of his jokes. When they don't laugh, he asks me whether I think he's funny or not.
6) He hears a big word that he doesn't know, learns the meaning and then uses it the first chance he can fit it in to conversation.
7) He's still not embarrassed to hug and kiss me in front of his friends and he loves me to visit him for lunch at school.
8) He never lies. Ever. About anything.
9) I'm one of his 2 favorite people in the world. His dad is the other.
10) He's still the perfect mix between little boy and big kid.

4 of Your THINKS:

Thad said...

I know what you mean re: feeling old. "Baby Ethan" went to Kindergarten orientation this morning and James and I had a two-way discussion about puberty on Saturday. It seems like just yesterday I was watching James learn how to walk!

mary ellen said...

Happy Birthday to you Eric! Tell your parents what you want more than anything for your birthday is to come to Florida so you can visit all your cool relatives! :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy B-Day to Eric. I learned something else new about you. Didn't realize you didn't really have the desire to have children. How cool that God blessed you with two wonderful loving children in His time. I loved your top 10 for Eric.

- Debbie Stewart

Crystal Breeze said...

It seems like yesterday Thad mowing the yard. Oh wait a minute it was yesterday. Ha Ha...

I know what you mean Jen. In less then a few months from now I won't have any kids home with me anymore. They will all be in school. I guess I can start going on lunch dates now.