Tuesday, May 16

The ABCs of Me

Accent - A little bit northern with a few southern twangs thrown in for good measure.
Book of the Bible - I read the book of Psalms a lot, but I am starting to learn a lot about the book of John and I really like it.
Chore I don't like - Empyting the trash.
Dog or cat - CAT!!
Essential electronic - My microwave (otherwise my kids wouldn't eat)!
Favorite cologne - Rice flower and shea body spray from Bath & Body works.
Gold or silver - Silver (white gold, actually).
Handbag - A new & different one for each season and I get rid of them after the season. Current one looks like the top of a pair of jeans complete with real fly, belt, pockets and belt loops courtesy of my sister, Amy. (I'll be keeping that one, of course).
Insomnia - Only if I take an afternoon nap on Sunday or sleep in too late on Saturday.
Job title - SAHM, at-home transcriptionist, PTA president
Kids - 2 little people who were individually designed just for me. My brainy boy is 10 and is sweet, articulate and sensitive. My Little Chic is 8 and is creative, thoughtful and athletic. Oh, and my 42-year-old is funny, rambunctious and makes life interesting.
Living arrangements - I share my abode with one adult male who pretends he is a wild hunter, adrenaline junkie and saver of lives. In reality he's the dad of my kids and my one & only. I also make room for a boy & girl who like to call me 'mom' along with a dog who has a heart attack if you don't pay enough attention to her, a cat who chews all the drawstrings off my workout clothes and 2 baby turtles who will try to make food of my finger if I put it too close to their mouths.
Most admirable trait - I would have to say that I am extremely reliable. If I commit, you can consider it done.
Naughtiest childhood behavior - Manipulating my brother and sister to do what I wanted them to.
Overnight hospital stay - At 7 years old to have my tonsils out (I got to visit the other patients with the dashingly handsome orderly named 'Sonny') and twice to have my children.
Phobias - I am a fierce opposer of any type of phobia that controls my behavior. Therefore, although I have had a few from time to time, I always, without fail face them. Some I've forced myself to master are: the dark, elevators (or any tight space), public speaking, snakes, bugs or other creepy creatures, needles, flying, and probably others. I haven't quite gotten over my fear of heights.
Quote - "Impossible is nothing." -Adidas
Religion - Religion is rituals and stuff you can say you believe without changing the way you live. I have faith in and a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Siblings - I have one unusually intelligent, kindhearted brother who is exactly, to the day, two years younger than me. I have a gifted, creative sister who is 10-days-less-than-exactly two years to the day younger than my brother (Mine & Bro's b-days are April 29, Lil' sis is April 19).
Time I wake up - 7am out of obligation, 12 noon if I could have what I wanted. I should have been born a racoon or some other nocturnal animal.
Unusual talent or skill - I have an uncontrollable urge to research. Everything. Until there is nothing else to find out. Tell me something, and if I think you might be wrong about it, or there might be more information about it....I'll find out every tidbit of discussion, research, information and data that exists on said topic.
Vegetable I refuse to eat - I try EVERYTHING once. As far as I know I have never refused to eat at least a bite of something presented to me...if only out of curiosity. I don't fix, order, serve myself or ask for brussel sprouts. But I have tried them and I think they are really cute when they are still on their stalk.
Worst habit - I have a hard time making myself get right to tasks that I dread or don't like. I seem compelled to procrastinate at least a bit, usually way too long. It seems that I'm just going to have to start liking to do that stuff, because the procrastination habit isn't getting any better.
X-rays - Dental ones, whenever they are due. Oh, and that first mammogram---surprising just how flat they can get a cone-shaped piece of body when they pancake it between metal slabs.
Yummy stuff I cook - I'm partial to my chocolate chip cheesecake, but others seem to really like my potato/cheese/bacon soup.
Zoo animal I like the most - Without a doubt, monkeys. Especially gorillas. I think it is absolutely hilarious to watch the gross stuff they do like eating bugs out of each others ears.

4 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I'm certainly getting to know you better Jen! I'll 2nd you on that mammogram thing!...(is it really necessary to squeeze so cotton-pickin' hard??!!)

maryellenhuff said...

This was great!

I too was a master at manipulating my younger sibling, never tried it on the one 16 months older than me but Charlene can tell you many a story about the me and her and my bossiness!

Alli's Mom said...

What a great post! My dog is the same way.....our 3 year old says it's because "Mollie needs more love", which cannot be possible!

I played this last week, go check it out!

Anonymous said...

The mammogram thing just cracked me up... My first experience was horrific! It was in a hospital in Seoul Korea. The lady had me all flattened out all the while she was saying in broken English Dooo Mooo - Dooo Mooo (don't move). With all the pain I was in I could still feel myself wanting to break out into full fledge laughter heightening the pain even more. Like - where else am I going to go?

- Debbie Stewart