Tuesday, April 25

Sudafed Anonymous

NY State has become quite exuberant in its war against methamphetamine abuse. Because of this, a recent law was instated that requires you to show picture ID every time you purchase a product containing pseudoephedrine. Sudafed has come out with a substitute ingredient in its cold remedy products that you can get over the counter, but after trying these, I've found they don't seem to have quite the same effect. If you want the original formula, you have to ask for it behind the counter, and then sign and show ID to purchase it.

As luck would have it, I recently got sick with an aggressive virus, and I was feeling badly for about two weeks. As the sinus symptoms progressed, I traveled to my local CVS pharmacy and purchased a 20-pack of 12-hour Sudafed (the stuff you sign for). Not surprisingly, John also came down with the virus as I was on the upswing. Between the two of us, the 20-pack of Sudafed didn't really last all that long. So a trip followed to the Apalachin pharmacy where the sales clerk inadvertently sold me the 30 mg package of Sudafed (the tiny round red pills) instead of the 12-hour type that I prefer. John and I used a few of them, but taking 2 pills every four hours rather than one pill for the whole day became a bit tedious.

Since neither of us are totally past the nose dripping stage, I stopped by my 24-hour friendly Super-Walmart today and attempted to buy a package of Claritin-D for John and a refill of the 12-hour Sudafed for myself (which does have a nice appetite-suppressant quality as a side benefit and I don't really need the Claritin part). I was kindly informed that apparently I have run over my quota of allowed pseudoephedrine for the month! They said I had to choose one product or the other. I was a nice wife and chose the Claritin-D.

Now I didn't realize that there was a quota of Sudafed...I just thought that the state was tracking the people that were buying large quantities in order to run their meth labs. Must be not. So now, in order to keep my body fluids from running all over the place, I'm going to be forcing John to make a run or two down to the pharmacy and show his own stinkin' ID. I hope that's not what they consider "buying with intent to distribute". In addition, I'll need to carefully plan my purchases and hoard my supply, not sharing with anybody (even John), in order to manage my excess fluid problem when it occurs. He's on his own to find his own supplier. That's just all there is to it.

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meh said...

Isn't that so annoying? I am also a huge Sudafed fan when I have a cold or sinus problems, it is the only one that works well for me too (and I like the added benefit of the appetite suppresant, it would be tempting to use it daily for that reason but I do NOT) and I agree with you, the replacement just does not work.

You guys must be having more trouble with druggies than us, at least so far. They aren't selling it in the grocery stores anymore, which is annoying, but only at a pharmacy store. But, so far in Hobe Sound anyway, you just have to ask for it at the pharmacist counter, or take up that little card thing from the aisle, and pay for it there. Maybe if you look suspicious they ask for ID, but so far not yet. I would hoard them too if I were you. That kind of stuff is so aggravating when the people that need is and use it for the right reaons can't!