Wednesday, April 5

Shallow Hal

This image popped up on my opening page of Yahoo this morning and I was really struck by the value of outer beauty our culture has. This is Brigitte Bardot (a famous actress way back when) who was outwardly a gorgeous woman in her time. I don't really know anything about her life but hopefully she has inner beauty and values that matter, because nature takes its toll on our bodies, no matter who we are. At this point in her life, it's hard to recognize who she was when she was making movies.

Ironically I went to a hairstyling class last night (it was really fun and informative, by the way), but I have to remind myself every day that the outside is just decoration. If I teach one thing to Caroline as she is growing up, I really hope she owns the fact that if you put too much value on the outside, you're not going to have time to pay attention to the inside.

The movie, Shallow Hal is one of my favorites because it's really funny, but it drives this point home like nothing I've ever seen.

Okay, that's my serious .02 cents for the week!

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Anonymous said...

How true, the inside is what counts in this life. If a person is beautiful on the inside, the outside fades very fast because the inward beauty rises to the top, just like cream.

- Debbie Stewart

William said...

Here is a comparison for you...