Wednesday, April 19

Rainy Days and the End of Holidays

QUESTION: What's the difference between waking up to a rainy, dreary day and waking up with the realization that the holiday is over?!?
ANSWER: You just cannot seem to get out of bed.

This morning was a rude awakening, not an unusual happening for this household after a few days off our school year routine. Nobody wanted to get out of bed (well, mom or Eric, that is) and Little Chic luckily came to alert me that the morning prep time was dwindling with every push of the snooze button. If anybody could be considered an early bird in our family, she'd be the only one close.

The day rewarded us though, with temps to almost 70 and sunshine. That's something we don't take for granted in April around these parts. I can testify that this winter has been surprisingly mild and we've had our share of pleasant, sometimes downright glorious weather at the most unusual times of the year. In fact, our new worship leader at church just relocated here from Colorado Springs, where they never have icky weather. Their whole family was prepared to deal with a dreary, depressing atmosphere for most of the time, and they commented that they have been pleasantly surprised at how many beautiful days we've had.

So after 19 years as a transplant, I've finally had the desired effect on the Triple Cities area and have influenced the Florida climate to share a little with the northern part of the world. Hey, if only it were that easy, I'd have it made....

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Anonymous said...

I felt the same way after Lauren left last week and Bobby went back to work, Yuck! Sure does make you want to curl up somewhere and sleep.

Wow, the weather man has sure been nice to you, what a gorgeous day.

It was up to 100 degrees here on Monday and Tuesday. The people here sure complain, but I don't think it's too awfully bad as we don't have much humidity. We had black out's in the area on Monday and we lost power for about 30 min.

We are enjoying a nice 75 degree afternoon and the forecast for the week looks really nice.

- Debbie Stewart

meh said...

Ugh, don't remind me - I know I'll feel the exact same way on Monday. I'm going to try not to think about it until Sunday night. I'm REALLY looking forward to summer vacation once we hit this point of the school year. I think there are only 6 weeks left after Spring Break and I for one will be counting them down.