Tuesday, April 11

NY Stock Exchange

For several weeks, Eric has been enthralled with the idea of buying a share of stock. We had quite the discussion about a week ago and he wanted all the details of exactly what it would mean if he owned a share of stock. Would he actually own that part of the company? Could he sell his share whenever he wanted? What if the stock value went down? Would he be allowed to use the employees that worked for that little piece of the company that he owned? For a flash of a moment, he considered using some of his birthday money that he'll be getting in a few weeks to purchase and follow the value of some stocks.

This whole discussion was a couple of weeks ago and he didn't mention it again. Until tonight. He was out running around the yard, waving his light sword in his typical madman fashion when he came inside all excited. He had made the decision to make up a list of odd jobs he would be willing to do and he would assign a price to each job in an effort to raise some extra money to buy "a stock." John and I entertained this idea because although Eric does an excellent job at whatever he is made to do, he certainly doesn't sign up for anything extra in the volunteer department. Upon hearing Eric's idea, Caroline (who loves to be busy with some type of project) decided to make up her own job chart. Eric wasn't pleased with this at all and told Caroline that his business would be competing with hers, and he would outprice her. She came back and said that she would do any job (Eric tends to be very selective) and that she might even do it for free. Eric went up a level and convinced Caroline that once he got his business well underway, that he would be so kind as to allow her to invest in his company. This would be a really easy way for her to raise more money. His shares would be going for $1 to $3. She was thrilled to tell me that she might be investing in some stocks soon. Silly me thought she meant the legit ones from the Stock Exchange, but I quickly found out that the returns wouldn't be nearly as good since they were from Eric's non-existent company.

After I set the record straight and said that each one could earn money for their own efforts and not from one another, Eric got disgusted with the whole process and spent the next 45 minutes (during homework time) drawing up the following contract exactly as written below:

"I have dicided there will be no bartering service or suggestion sheet. also when I feel like it I will take down or add to prices. See back for conditions. Eric's survice No conditions unposted! If you try to put suggestions on this sheet I will either charge you or stop the service. Also any other writen content will be charged for. Also I can make post mordems. I will also charge for any pink slips given to me. I can also legaly black mail any one or group of people I dislike. Any asasinations are the same as stealing from the company. Aw, can it." The time frame between the ingenious idea and "Aw, can it" was approximately an hour.

On the other hand, Caroline spent the same 45 minutes and got down to work to come up with her odd job list. She decided to leave blanks for the prices because she lets her customers decide how much she gets paid:

Doing yard work _______
Loveing you (free)
Picking up dog poop ______
Cleening the bathroom + toilet _______
Make my bed and other beds_____
Ancering phons when you don't want to (free)
Change lightbulbs - 1 cent
Anything els you want me to do

I hoping if I can just get them to go into business together, I might get rich. Eric can be the global thinker/idea man and Caroline can be the brawn behind the beauty and get it all done! Could I actually be on to something?

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MEH said...

Those two are just too hilarious!

Your two kids are like night and day they are so different from each other, it makes for a interesting and fun household - what a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Camron actually had stock bought for him when he was baptized, he generous Aunt and Uncle purchased the stock from a company in Vermont. Well,,,the company was bought out so we sold the stock. He made 2x what it was worth when it was purchased. So, Camron was VERY Excited when he received the check in the 2nd grade! TOO FUNNY! And they are learning about the stock market now in school, Camron seems very interested in it!

Anonymous said...

I just have to say... Your children totally "BLOW ME AWAY!"

Yes, I not only think you are on to something... I think you are sitting on a "GOLD MINE"! :o)

- Debbie Stewart