Thursday, April 27

Men are just jumbo-sized boys

I left in a flash to escape to the tanning bed last night as my 41-year old kid got ready to "play" with my 9-year-old kid. Can you imagine how many sugar cubes fit in 5 boxes? Anyway, when I returned, 2 calm, relaxed males were making real headway with the castle project. Eric was perched on the counter snacking on popcorn inspecting each sugar cube to make sure it wasn't broken. John was alternating burning his fingers with hot glue and attaching "bricks" cube by cube. When they were finished for the night, they were both really happy with the outcome. I'm not sure if it's the gender or the personality trait, but I would've been a high-strung, stressed-out mess by the time I'd assembled all the materials. All I had to do was wipe and vacuum the sugar crystals all over the counter and floor. Thank goodness for Dads!

4 of Your THINKS:

mary ellen said...

Jen - the smartest thing you ever did was put John in charge of that project, now that is using your head! That's why kids have TWO parents right? :-) It looks like they had a really good start, can't wait to see the finished project - how much longer before it is due?

Anonymous said...

It's looking really good and I'm sure these boys know what they are doing by the looks of things.

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing the final outcome. I am sure John is great at that. Now by my opinion, Eric is the smart one because he was snacking on my favorite snack..popcorn, while letting Daddy be the one to get his fingers burnt.

Rochelle said...

Eric has impeccable taste in historic landmarks I'll have to say! This castle was one of our stops in our European driving tour on our honeymoon. It is just incredible to see & we have fond memories of this area, south of Munich.