Tuesday, April 4

Feeling Puny

One of the funniest phrases I remember is that John's grandma always described sickness as "feeling puny". Whenever she wasn't feeling quite up to par, that is how she would say she was feeling. For some reason, my "puny-ness" often comes in the form of laryngitis, thanks to the genetics of my mother. Whenever I get run down, I begin to get hoarse, progress to scratchy voice and end up with nothing above a whisper. The exact same thing happens to my mom. As luck would have it, tomorrow is the last rehearsal for our Easter cantata, in which I have a solo, and this afternoon, the laryngitis set in. By tonight, I can barely force a croak out. It's kind of a pain, because other than a slightly sore throat, I don't feel that poorly, but all the effort it takes to talk wears me out!

So don't call me tomorrow. You won't be able to hear me on the phone, and I'll probably be in the bathroom anyway, due to all the lemon/honey tea I'm drinking. I'm seriously wondering if I'll have recovered enough by Saturday night to belt out "On Christ the Solid Rock". I have my doubts.

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Anonymous said...

It's so funny you say that, my dad always says he's feeling punky.

I get the laryngitis too at least once a year. Mine can last up to two weeks at a time. I'll pray you are feeling up to par by the weekend and hopefully you will be able to sing.

- Debbie Stewart

meh said...

My Mom uses the expression "feeling punk" too - must be a saying that has lost it's use for the most part - interesting.