Sunday, April 16

Everything New

As it did to many households today, Resurrection Sunday brought the excitement of starting the morning with the focus on the the new life all around us.

Caroline was buzzing around the house at 6:30 am searching all over for the hidden basket the "Easter Bunny" apparently brought, with clues of colored grass scattered around our carpet. For Eric, something about knowing mom is the filler of all cool baskets let him stay in bed and sleep a little longer than his sister. I suppose if I were a good mother, I'd have hopped out of bed with camera at the ready to watch the search. But I just didn't have the heart to make Caroline wait until I got up at 8am! Eric did remind me that he realized I was the one who gave him all the goodies and he thanked me for the cool Star Wars comic book I'd included.

Besides the spring flowers coming up, the baby lambs born just down the road from our church and the birds returning to the warmer weather, I got to remind my kids that we can be thankful for our new life as well. It's the one we get to have since Jesus took all the punishment for all the bad stuff we've done. And today is the day we remember that he didn't stay dead, but he came back alive since He is the only One who is stronger than death.

Perhaps the most fun of the day was seeing Caroline decked out in her Easter get-up, each piece chosen personally by her. She was so excited to preen in front of the mirror and prance around asking everybody in the family how she looked. John and I obliged; Eric suffered through it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, even the hair combing seemed an unnecessary nuisance for Eric. The whole process made me remember how excited I always got when I had a new dress each Easter. My mom always said that new Easter clothes were a symbol of our "new life in Christ" that we celebrated on that day.

Caroline's shoes were the kicker...little teeny, backless "high-heeled" gold sandals with bows on the front. Well, that and the teal cowboy hat with the tiara glued to the front. If it wasn't so darn cute, it would have been embarrassing.

3 of Your THINKS:

mary ellen said...

Your picture says it all, Caroline looks tickled blue...and Eric looks like he's just trying to get through the whole dress up thing - they are so funny!

Anonymous said...

Caroline is the cutest thing, and Eric, well, his expression says it all... lets just get this whole thing over with already. Way too cute.

- Debbie Stewart

evelyn said...

Fashion statement Caroline..puts her Grammy to shame. I had this cute little hat with little friend nancy laughed so I didn't wear it. I will bring it to NY when I come in May. wear yours and I'll wear mine