Monday, April 17


There is a little girl who lives at our house. She is 8, and I call her Little Chic. Some say she's my daughter, but that can't possibly be so. She has a dad who is very analytical, not artistic and a mom who is the same way. This girl, whoever she shares her genes with, has got every artistic tendency that can be passed down the line. At 3, she was designing dresses out of Walmart bags, complete with spaghetti straps made out of the handles, with several connected together to make it floor-length. At 5, she was making 2-D life-sized sculptures of her dad with printer paper, and 8, she is becoming a balloon artist.

Little Chic has always loved balloons--just the latex variety that you can bat everwhere. The Easter Bunny obliged and included a 50-pack of the long, thin type that you make balloon animals out of, with the little air pump so you don't have to pass out while you are blowing them up. She went through the entire bag of 50 yesterday, designing everything from cats, dogs, elephants, swords and a couple of hats. Here is mine, the most elaborate that she came up with so far. She spent most of the day designing all sorts of animals to give away at the birthday party we'll be attending later today.

I told her I'm going to hire her out to do birthday parties and Autumn Festivals if she doesn't watch it. She loved the idea and ran to get her calendar to start booking gigs. You know where to reach us if you need a small talent for your next party.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Jennifer! Your Caroline amazes me. You have a very gifted daughter who is going to do quite well for herself.

The hat suits you quite well. I'm sure she will have her designer label quite soon.

- Debbie Stewart

meh said...

How cute! My kids had that kit once, they loved it and had so much fun with it - I should get them another.

What room are you in? I don't remember a room with wood on the walls!?!?

evelyn said...

Wow!!!! MY grandaughter is amazing. She can design a hat for me ANY DAY she likes...I knew those 2 in NY were the best of the best. grammy