Wednesday, April 26

9-year-old student looking for parent, architect preferred

Eric recently came home from his SPARK group at school (gifted program) stating that he had to write a report and build a "to-scale" model of a historic structure. He had lots of choices. This is the one he made. I quickly informed him that even though Mom is the hero of all things to do with homework, providing help, gathering supplies, noting due dates and test schedules, I am NOT a builder, artist or anything of the sort. When questioned why he had chosen this particular building, he answered that he really preferred to have something "complicated" rather than chosing a simple, straightforward like say, the Great Wall of China. No, he was enamored with Castle Neuschwanstein which is the inspiration for one of the Disney castles and is one of the most visited historic buildings in the world. He really liked it because he thought it would be challenging.

The problem is that this is not a fun project. It is a school assignment which means that it gets a grade. Which means that the model should somewhat resemble the actual building. Which means I am the wrong parent for the job. However, I am very good at delegating. Which I did! To an unamused John. Now John, unlike me, can actually create and build things. His problem is not lack of ability but lack of time. At first thought, the project appeared very feasible to John and Eric, with the two of them thinking together that they can wrap it right up. They decided that it would be really cool to construct this building out of sugar cubes. The kind that cost $1.08 at Walmart for the size of box that we'll probably need 50 to build the whole castle.

So the boys are getting ready to start, and I am getting ready to disappear. It is not going to be a pretty sight when they realize that this project is going to take HOURS and that a hot glue gun is not going to be an easy tool to use when trying to stick 1/4-inch cubes together. And I am not even going to try to help on this one.

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Anonymous said...

WOW! What a project! I kinda had to do the little giggle inside as you said you are not even going to try to help on this one. Very smart, and I know not if but "when" the boys finish the project it will be marvelous.

- Debbie Stewart

mrsbeaver said...

Wow! Eric sure doesn't do things half way does he? No minimum-itis there! Be sure to post us a picture of the finished castle. And if I were you, I'd definitely make myself scarce until they were done

mary ellen huff said...

Oh my word! Does that EVER bring back memories. Kyle had to do a project similar to that one and when I first started reading your blog I thought - "sugar cubes!" - and as I kept reading...sure enough that is what they'll be using. At least to start with. As we found out, very quickly, they are hard to glue together, although a hot glue gun might work well. It's been so long now I can't really remember how ours turned out other than I do recall it seemed to be mostly my project, it took a really long time to do and carrying it from home to the classroom was a real feat!

PLEASE make sure you take a photo of the finished project - but if I were you I would for sure stay out of sight until you know they are done - smart girl!

RowanPolitics said...

Maybe they could use a sticky icing to put it together, then they could eact it at some point.

Rochelle said...

Eric has impeccable taste in historic buildings. Ian & I went to this castle on our honeymoon. It is just as exquisite as it looks in the picture! We have very fond memories of Fussen, Germany (south of Munich) where it is located.