Saturday, February 11

Wives gone Wild

Last night was my monthly dinner out with my kickboxing group. John took the kids to Gander Mountain while we were gone, and the kids were sad to report that the little army of camaflouged squirrels has been removed. However, they were thrilled to report that John took them to their favorite store in the world (Barnes & Noble) and they each bought an intelligence-enhancer called "Calvin & Hobbes" comic book. My kids knew about Barnes & Noble before they ever knew about Toys R Us due to my dad's genetic code of book obsession that was passed on to me.

We girls chose a local Thai restaurant that had superb food. We each got a dish and then passed it around to share. It was an enlightening experience as I didn't know what anything was but everything we sampled was great. The after-dinner shopping was the same way. We all challenged one another to outlandish schemes of making this Valentines memorable for our spouses. We'll see how that goes after Tuesday is over. Dessert was at a little Italian coffee shop where we finalized our individual plans for this coming week and tried to outdo one another in being the most romantic Valentine.

To everyone with a Valentine this year--you've still got a little time to plan how to tell the one you love all year 'round how much they mean to you on the designated day.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jen!
It's Michelle (Beaver) S. Good to hear from you on my site! My new husband and I are taking up camping in Michigan this summer. We got lots of gear for our wedding! It's fun to hear about your adventures. Hope you're all well!

Anonymous said...

The Thai Restaurant sounds wonderful. My first Thai restaurant experience was in Korea. It was really, really, good!
Sounds like you all had a very enjoyable evening making your Valentines day plans.
- Debbie Stewart