Wednesday, February 22

Status Check

We're in Washington DC, a city I have adored since my earliest memories as a 2-year-old since that was where Grandma and "Sissie" (my mom's sister) lived. I am so excited to see that my kids are growing up to love it as well. We made the trip in barely over 5 hours from upstate NY and I navigated and arrived with no need of help from John! I will admit to one small detour as I went through the wrong toll gate and had to drive about 2 miles out of the way to a turn-around, but other than that, all was smooth. The highlight of the trip down was a quick stop into a McDonald's playland for a little leg-stretching. Even 9 year olds like an unfamiliar tunnel maze. It is always bittersweet though, because even a 20-minute stop can cement spur-of-the-moment friendships and my kids always lament that they will probably never see their "friend" again.

Yesterday (Tuesday) we spent about 5 hours downtown in the Air & Space museum and a quick stop to peek at the huge dinosaurs at the Natural History museum. I have to say, that the Metro, with it's ticket booths and automatic doors and choice of seats was the highlight of the jaunt.

Today is a day inside as we have a ground-covering of snow and the cousins fancy building a snowman. I venture a wager that it will be a miniscule guy, but we'll hope for a three-tier nonetheless since snow is a rarity in NC for the little cousins.

We'll head home tomorrow, so we'll check back in then!

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Anonymous said...

I'm feeling very jealous that you all are there and I'm in TN. Oh well, I hope you guys can have fun without the life of the :) Just kidding!