Friday, February 24

Plans, Interrupted

Our plans for the trip to Washington DC included departing Monday at noon, arriving in DC at dinner, and coming back at noon on Thursday, arriving home by dinner. Everything went pretty much as scheduled. Although we arrived in DC a little after dinnertime on Monday, we made up for it by staying up until midnight, everyone included (even the kiddos). They had a grand old time with their cousins Chandler (almost 6) and Gabrielle (soon to be 4) and Cameron (almost 1). We took the opportunity while there, to celebrate the birthdays of the cousins which will be coming up in March. We also took a few hours to spend downtown seeing the Air & Space museum and the Natural History museum. The highlight was definitely the Metro rides, though.

Caroline had the best situation as she is 8 and loved playing with either Chandler or Gabrielle. At times, Eric felt he was a little mature to play with a 3-year-old female. So Caroline made the best of it and toggled between whichever cousin offered the most entertainment at the moment. Thus, on Wednesday afternoon, Caroline informed me that leaving on Thursday would not accommodate the extensive agenda she and Chandler had prepared for the rest of their visit. She said that their agenda included activities that would last until bedtime on Thursday night, so we would just have to postpone our return home until Friday. Their activity plan, written in scrawled handwriting on notebook paper, looked like this (the notes are mine):

1) Breckfast, 5-10 min.
2) Dresed and more, 20 min - 30 min.
3) Scoters, 30 min. (scooters)
4) Outside, 2 hours
5) Dr., 30 min. (Chandler has an impressive doctor kit)
6) Uno, 20 min. (the cousins' new favorite game)
7) Snack, 5-10 min.
8) TV, 5-10 min.
9) Dr., 3 min. (possibly meaning 30?--3 minutes would be a quick surgery)
10) Uno, 20 min.
11) Snack, 5-10 min.
12) Jale, 1-5 min. (I'm assuming jail)
13) TV, 30 min.
14) Rest, 30 min. (whew, all this playing is exhausting)
15) Dinner, 60 min.
16) Free time, till bed

This girl is really after my heart. We love lists, schedules and agendas. I had to suggest that the activities be condensed into a few shorter hours, because the train was leaving at noon on Thursday, regardless of how much was crossed off the to-do list. We pulled out at 11:45 and stopped at Starbucks for good measure and we were on our way. We pulled in safe & sound Thursday just before dark. Great trip. Great to be back home.

3 of Your THINKS:

Rochelle said...

I guess Starbucks was on YOUR list huh? Ha! Glad you're home safe & sound.......

meh said...

That is hilarious! I hope you kept that one for her scrapbook or memory book someday - she is too funny. Now all she needs is Blackberry and she's all set for the corporate world.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how little Miss Caroline blows me away! You have trained her well! Reading her list tickled me and she even had time for a 30 min. rest! What a HOOT!
- Debbie Stewart