Saturday, February 18

Message In a Muffle

O my--I have undergone blogging withdrawal. We went without any cable service (including phone, tv and internet) for eight hours today because of super-high winds and cable lines being downed. But service is restored and all is right with the world again!

Eric's sick day on Thursday was quite a success for both of us. For him, he sounded sick enough with that barky, croup cough that dad said he really needed to stay home and rest (mom was very skeptical). His day was a thrill of watching tv, eating sugar cereal and playing out in the fresh air since the croup really only shows up at night. It was a success for me too since I could be a little smug about seeing that he would have been well enough to go to school. So Friday morning came, and although he protested going to school again, I sent him and told him to call if he didn't feel well (mean mom that I am).

I was quite startled when my exercise class ended and I had a muffled message from Eric that sounded like "Mom, I can't go to DI today (after school program) because I am very sick". I immediately shot over to the school to pick him up and take him home. I felt terrible, because Eric is not a complainer and will generally just put up with any discomfort until he gets home.

When I got to school, neither the nurse nor the secretary had any clue that Eric was sick and they informed me he had already left for his six-hour field trip. I asked them to hunt down the teacher's cell phone number, as the one accompanying my message was a school number-- and the call had been made before they left for the field trip. After paging the principal, hunting down a teacher's cell phone number, leaving her a message to call the school if Eric needed to be picked up, I headed home. All the teachers' cell phones were turned off since the field trip was to a concert.

As I started for home, I decided to listen to the message one more time. The second time through I heard, "Mom, there is no DI today because Mr. Carey (teacher) is sick". It was a little embarrassing to call the school back and cancel the emergency bulletin. Needless to say, I picked Eric up after DI (Destination Imagination) and he was his usual, chipper self.

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I was wondering where you were. Those winds must have been "High Tech Winds" causing all that trouble!

How silly we feel when we hear one thing and come to find out it's another. It's good to hear he's feeling better, that's the main thing.

- Debbie Stewart

Anonymous said...

So you thought when Eric said "Mr. Carey" You though "very"....oh my gosh!
One thing though, he was VERY responsible to call you from the school phone!
WOW, that must have been some day for you, you never seem to have a DULL moment!