Saturday, February 25

Man of the Hour

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the guy I call "mine" is the fact that the is absolutely crazy about his family. His worst day is when he finds out he has to travel somewhere overnight and be away from home. He has gone to great lengths at times to drive all hours of the day or night just to avoid spending the night away from us. One of my goals has been to entice him to enter Survivor (which he would absolutely be able to win) or go on the Amazing Race with me. But he absolutely refuses because of the time away from the kids.

So it was with great reluctance that he saw us off on Monday as we left for DC. But it was with glee that he welcomed us back and complained about how lonely it had been at home by himself. On Friday morning, when I awoke at 9:30, it was to the sound of John and Caroline toiling away in the kitchen making "Dad's famous omlet" and cinnamon french toast. Caroline loves to cook and she really enjoyed the change from helping me out. Midway through breakfast, he decided that instead of taking a half-day off work, he would hang out all day with us and just enjoy being together. John and Eric spent the afternoon getting an X-box set up in Eric's bedroom, a big bonus for all of us since the video games won't be tying up our main TV anymore.

Then this morning, while I was at archery with Eric, John stayed home with Caroline and helped her get ready for a "glamour" birthday party of a friend. He did her hair in a fancy braid and helped her put on her make-up. Since I am usually the one to work on this stuff with her, it was a special treat to have the extra attention from Dad.

He is quite the guy.

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Anonymous said...

It is so awesome to read your blog and see how much your honey loves his family and dotes over you guys.

It's such a blessing having a life long partner who loves his family and makes his family his #1 priority.

- Debbie Stewart