Sunday, February 19

John, the gourmet chef

Our typical Sunday morning involves us scurrying out the door at 9:30 with John heading to teach the 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School class with another teacher, our kids going to their class and me to mine. This morning was different since John was out of town for the weekend and arrived home late, so he arranged for the other teacher to handle class alone. I left him sleeping in bed where he remained until 11:30 this morning.

When we arrived home at 12:30, I vocalized my confidence in him saying that I was sure he would have some superb lunch ready for us since he had been home alone all morning. He assured me this was true--our gourmet selections were 1) Cereal brushed with a delicate glaze of sugar topped with creamy, ice-cold milk or 2) Leftover corkscrew pasta with alfredo sauce that I made on Thursday or 3) Leftover General Tso's chicken take-out that Eric and I shared Friday night. John seemed quite pleased with his skills at offering us choice of delicious, nutritious meals after our hectic morning!

On his behalf, he did have a load of laundry going, and he pledged to help tidy up the house and maybe even vaccum this afternoon so the house is in good order when I take the kids to DC for three days this week (they have winter break all this week). However, I am curious to see how this is going to fit in between the cool episode of Dallas SWAT that is on right now and the Indy 500 that will be starting soon and the wrestling matches that are occuring with the kids during every commercial.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm sure the kids are looking forward to their trip to DC... and mom too. I'm sure you guys will have a jam-up time of it while there.

We have the Daytona 500 on too. I'm getting ready to join Bobby again as we are big Tony Stewart fans. Our Nephew's (Dan West's sons) Brenton and Bryant are absolutely no question "JEFF GORDON" fans.

- Debbie Stewart

mary ellen said...

Who, or what, is in DC? Thanks for the info on the book, I'll be sure and find it, sounds like a good read! Have a fun trip.