Monday, February 27

The Heat is On

It was a pitiful sight around our breakfast bar at 7am this morning. The two Olsen kids looked like a sorry little lot as they dragged out of bed after having all last week off for winter break. Our late nights and equally late mornings didn't take very long to brainwash their body clocks. We did attempt to get back on schedule over the weekend with normal bedtimes and regular wake-up times, but it appears that bad habits are a lot easier to set in stone than to break. At one point, during cereal pouring, I had two light-brown heads on the counter top with eyes tightly shut. I would have run to get my camera, but my laughing woke the two of them back up. I am sure that Eric dozed off when he was saying the blessing for his breakfast, poor kid.

By the time they were dressed and ready to get in the car, they each seemed a little more chipper. I am sure by the time they greeted each of their friends, their bodies were much more alert and with it. The heat is on as state testing for math gets underway. The only heat around here is the pressure of getting back to a regular schedule. I had to start my van 1/2 hour before we left because the temperature was 1 (yes, that is in degrees) when I went out!

2 of Your THINKS:

meh said...

I know the feeling, those after vacation blahs seem to hit adults and children alike.

ONE DEGREE!! No wonder our weather turned back to beautiful after a too warm week like the last one - our perfect 70 degrees felt so nice today although the breeze is actually a little chilly. Usually when it's really cold up north it is just perfect here - and when it's warmer up north it's hot down here - so we pray for cold weather up north while you're praying for warmer, our prayers are cancelling each other out. :-)

Anonymous said...

The picture of the kids would have been cute, but you did a really good job leaving us all with really good mental pictures.

1 degree? I can't even begin to fathom how cold that is. Our Texas winters bring 20 & 30 degree temperatures but not the really cold, cold stuff! I keep telling myself that spring is just around the corner.

- Debbie Stewart