Wednesday, February 8

Fashion Tips: Black is the new Pink

Anyone familiar with little girls knows well that pink and purple are the colors of choice whenever selecting anything--this extends from choosing which crayon to color with all the way to which new jacket to buy. There does come a time, however, when pink and purple are too "babyish" for the discriminating taste of a maturing eight-year-old and the attempt to grow up causes them to hate all the pastel-colored items they used to insist on having.

Shown above is my most recent load of laundry of Caroline's clothes. The reason they were all in the same load is 1) They are all black and 2) It is what she has worn in the past week. There are other items of black clothing that she owns, but those are in the next load of darks! I have only bought a couple of the items seen here --the others are inherited from other girls who have outgrown them and the kicker is that in this pile of 9 clothing items, there are 3 identical pair of black pants: same brand, same style, same size.

I used to tell her that "black and black don't match" (you know how many shades of black there can be). But that only served to convince her that those particular items of clothing also didn't match with anything else. So now, black and black look great together, says my Fashion for Dummies book.

So if you see my kid walking around school looking like she's mourning the death of her favorite stuffed cat, don't feel bad for her. She's bubbling with joy that I let her wear what she wanted to school that day, she feels great about herself because she thinks she looks like a teenager and she gets to wear her favorite pants 2 more days in a row. And don't feel sorry for me either--stains don't show up on black clothes.

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Anonymous said...

I just got ta love her, a little lady after my very own heart! You see, I went through a stage of floral prints, literally flowers on every single dress I owned through the course of many, many years... I guess that would be back in the mid to late 80's and early 90's. Since then, I have retired those floral dresses for "BLACK" and I mean black! Well, I do like black and white but black is the primary. I have been on a black kick for quite a few years now and am still going strong! Guess it’s just another phase.
- Debbie Stewart

Rochelle said...

Good for you for letting her express her own fashion sense!