Friday, February 3

Blind Leading the Blind

My mom flew up from NC yesterday for a quick trip down to NYC (actually SUNY Purchase) to see a friend in a vocal concert at the Performing Arts Center. Since we don't know exactly where we're going, we're gonna give ourselves 6 hours to make a 3.5 hour trip. The directions look pretty straightforward, so we should have plenty of time for dinner.

This is Alyssa in the red sweater, the girl we are going to see. She might eventually be my step-sister of sorts, since she is the daugther of the man my mom is dating. Alyssa's dad, Ken (my mom's friend) is in the middle and that's my John beside him. This pic was taken at Thanksgiving, when we all got together to meet for the first time. That's a sliver of me in the orange.

We're heading right back home after the concert and reception, so we should hit the sheets around midnight, and get just enough shut-eye to entertain the kids with my mom tomorrow. On Sunday, my mom flies out of Syracuse around noon, so I'm going to be hitting the gas pump several times this weekend. At $2.57/gallon, I'll need to type all week just to pay for the gas!

2 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen? I'm not sure if it's just me or what, but sometimes I don't see your Posts for several days. The last post I saw even early this morning was the post for Aspiring American Idol. I just wanted to make sure you understand if I don't post as often to you.

Your black thumb was just too funny! I think plants are literally afraid of me. The only kinds of plants I can keep in the house are the really nice plants with great personality who only like water about once every two weeks. We get along great!

Sounds like you are going to have a really nice weekend with your mom. Ken and Alyssa look like a great addition for your family. Hope all goes well with the drive and enjoy the show and reception! Here’s wishing you a “Happy Day”!

- Debbie S

Mary Ellen Huff said...

Hey, do you know that you can walk to Fishers from SUNY Purchase? You are literally right on the road that takes you to their home. I could have given you perfect directions, wish I would have known. Hope your trip goes well, from your house to that spot is 3.5 hours - it always took us that coming to you from there...good luck!