Friday, January 20

The Name Says It All

Names say a lot. And that's bad for me, since I am more of a face person. I have three main groups of friends. I have my church friends--about a half-dozen girls that are moms with kids about the same age as mine, who share my faith and consider it a priority to have their kids involved at church. Next I have my fitness buddies--the group of girls that I have been working out and kickboxing with for several years. I also have my PTA group--the parents who have kids in my childrens' school, who think it is important to know the school, the teachers and have a say in what happens there. The problem is, these major parts of my life don't generally intersect. This makes for a lot of interesting coversation between myself and any one member of one of these groups.

For instance when I refer to one of my friends to a girl outside that particular group, I actually talk about them like this:
A few of the church girls--
--Jill, my jewelry store friend (she and her husband own Van Horn Jewelers in Owego, NY).
--Marissa, my Berkshire friend (because everybody knows I have a friend who lives out in Timbuk2).
--Angel, my funny friend (she is always the life of the party)
--Crystal, my friend who does everything

Or some kickboxing ones--
--Karen, my marathon friend (she ran the NYC marathon in 2004)
--Lisa Kickbox (because after kickboxing with her for over a year, I still had no idea of her last name. Fortunately, my cell phone directory figures that "Kickbox" is a totally reasonable last name)
--Paige Kickbox (again, the cell phone directory doesn't care that her name is actually spelled Paij as long as it sounds right)
--Twee (I found out her last name a week ago, but still am guessing the spelling on the first name is wrong. However, no need to add "Kickbox" to the end, because I don't know any other Twee's).

A couple of the PTA ones:
--Marianne, my PTA friend (she is the co-president with me)
--Sue, my tall friend

and sometimes, the name has a sadder connotation like:
Annette, who's son had leukemia

Or a happy one like:
Mary, my friend who introduced me to my John

But the truth is, in order to describe these people to one another--an important fact is true. They have shared their lives with me and I have shared mine back with them. Although the descriptions seem silly, they work, and everybody knows who I am talking about. And although they may not have met one another, many of them feel as if they know the others. And that makes me smile.

5 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

"Twee?" Now there's any interesting name, surely it's not her real name, is she American?

Mary Ellen said...

That other post was by me, I didn't mean to click on anonymous. You mean you don't describe me as "Mary, my coolest and most amazing friend ever that ALSO introduced me to my husband?" Hee hee.

Rochelle said...

Jen, well said, you are a terrific writer, maybe someday I'll describe you as...Jennifer, my friend who's an author

JenLo said...

You're all too nice--and Mary, of course your just the coolest, amazing thing ever!

Anonymous said...

Well said! I am just so happy that I am on that list of all your wonderful friends. I am ALWAYS the tall one and have always been! Now my Camron is blessed with that description......~Sue M