Monday, January 30

Master of None

I'm not really a DIY type person except in desperate situations. Unfortunately, I am married to an engineer and that type thinks they are jacks of all trades, experts in everything, no training needed. Combine that with the genetic need for every father to try his hand at cutting his son's hair, and you have disaster written all over it.

For the last nine years, I have steadfastly held to the position that my husband is NOT to touch our son's hair. I take him regularly to get his hair cut by someone trained to do it. The problem is that my son has the worst hair on the planet. All sorts of cowlicks and double-crowns, growing nicely in one direction and then jetting off in another. So no matter who cuts his hair, it always looks terrible--with one exception--my marathon friend, Karen, who was a hairdresser in her past life. However, Karen is now a stay-at-home mom like me, and her kids are in school at the same time mine are. That sounds really convenient, but it is actually terribly hard to coordinate our schedules to get a haircut. So although Eric's hair has looked better this year than it ever has before, John gets a little impatient by haircut time. About a month ago, he hacked, whacked and trimmed Eric's hair into a little cyclone looking style. I almost resorted to a buzz cut, but since his hair grows in every direction, even that looks bad.

Soooo, last night I started digging in my ever-increasing library and found that at one point I must have been contemplating cutting hair, because I found a book entitled "Cutting your family's hair". Of course, for you that know me well, I already had a little arsenal of hairstyling tools including clippers, hair scissors, thinning shears and even the little "groom yourself" thingy they show on TV. After mulling the book over for the afternoon, reading all the tips on how to hold your scissors correctly, following guides and all, I sat Eric down on the toilet seat and began cutting away. The difference between me and John is that whatever the outcome of John's haircut is, he prides himself on doing it himself. He'll tell everybody he did it and complement himself on a job well done. My deal is that if it looks bad, Eric is not to tell anybody that mom did it.

I about drove myself crazy with all the measuring, going around the ears, cleaning up around the back and all, but I can say that it looks better than the last shop I took him to. I just have to stop looking at it under a magnifying glass every time he walks by me, because all the little imperfections are driving me nuts. I predict I'll be visiting marathon Karen before long.

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Anonymous said...

Good for you Jen! I have also cut Connor's hair several times because it gets to a point where it absolutely drives me nuts. I figure I've paid hundreds of dollars getting my hair cut so certainly that makes me some sort of expert doesn't it? Actually, Connor's hair looks pretty good after I cut it but I also see all the little imperfections that no one else really does.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this! I just finished blogging away over in my little world and then came here to see what was going on in your world and we both are here blogging on the same thing today, this is too funny.
You know me, I would be diving into the cutting action myself. Way to go!
- Debbie S

Mary E H said...

Allright girl, lets see a photo of this masterpiece! You can leave off the magnifying glass lens, a snapshot will do :-) After Ethan got pneumonia last year and had to get shots, x-rays, etc. he freaked out the next time it was time for a haircut and he saw the scissors, I think he thought he was in for surgery so I bought the professional clippers and while Rick held him down gave him a buzz cut - now he doesn't mind my doing it, still afraid of the pros though. The hardest part is the back of the neck and the ears, I need to read that book!

Anonymous said...

The only time I ever cut Camron's hair was when he was younger and had ringlets all over the place, you couldn't tell it was uneven. Now, when Damon was little his hair was as straight as an arrow and every little imperfection you could see and everyone would comment (he also has the double colic). So I took him to my hairdresser who charged me an arm and a leg for my hair but only charged me $1 for him because he was 1 year old and $4 for Camron. Since I now have a new hairdresser, I take them to Damon's friend's mom, Wendy, she is good Jennifer (she does Mrs. Slota's hair and Mrs. O'Rourke's hair!), if you are in a bind I could give you her number........

Anonymous said...

I bet it looks great. It is great for us. Steve cuts his own hair and Bryce's and I cut Connor's hair and then I am the only one that pays the big bucks to get mine done. Sometimes I want to go have Connor's done professionally but he doesn't take it well. I think he thinks that anyone that comes toward him with something in their hand is a medical person getting ready to do something to him and with all his past experience who can blame him. Charlene