Tuesday, January 24

It's a Crock - or is it?

My mom's a nurse, so I was raised around all things medical. I'm married to a medic and I do medical transcription myself so when I don't feel well, I don't worry, fret or think I have cancer, I just get irritable. I'm aggravated because I have a nagging pain, I'm frustrated because my routine gets interrupted if I don't feel like doing my normal stuff and I'll admit, I just like having the excuse to be cranky.

A couple of weeks ago I developed a shin splint from jump roping in my kickboxing class--silly me--barefoot isn't a great way to interval jump for 15 minutes. The pain was off and on, and then because I was walking funny, my ankle and Achilles tendon started to hurt. It wasn't long before my lower back was tight and sore from limping around. So, when I get irritable about being in pain, I figure that my mother trained me well enough in self-medication so I begin to pop pills. All sorts of them. I'm sure I put my kidneys and liver in overdrive with the cocktails, but first I try my favorite, Aleve. It that doesn't work, I switch to Motrin. I'll even resort to aspirin and Tylenol if I need to. And when all else fails, I call the CHIROPRACTOR.

Even though I am relatively intelligent I like to experiment and I don't even mind trying things that I would laugh at other people for. But I'm married to a skeptic, so I pretend to believe that the chiropractor is a voodoo doctor who will perform brain surgery with a twist of your backbone. But I like him anyway (because I'm a balanced, open-minded person).

To make a long story short, after my whole shin splint injury, I woke up Sunday morning with a terrible headache. I went to my little in-home pharmacy and tried every variety of pain pill I had, including my new migraine medicine that has been working great...but nothing worked for 2 days. So Tuesday morning I decided that my headache must be related to some sort of bone situation, so I called the chiropractor. As luck would have it (and it never has before) they had an opening a mere 1 hour after I called. So I zoomed in, ready to be MANipulated.

I went in telling him I had a two day headache. Well, starting with my feet, the chiropractor said my knees were a little out of whack. Only after he jerked on my toes and feet did I tell him I had a shin splint--see there? As he checked out my spine, he saw the result of me walking funny....Told ya he could fix it. Then as he felt all the way to my neck, he found "headache central" as he called it!

Well, just know that I'll do whatever works, I don't care if it makes sense or not. I walked out without a headache, without any shin or ankle pain and I don't care what my skeptic husband says. All I know is that the "knee bone IS connected to the thigh bone" and right on up to my head bone! Now if I can just develop an excuse to try accupuncture...

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO JEN! You must have the best chiropractor in town. I never had much luck with them. I’m impressed!
- Debbie S

Mary E H said...

That's great, nothing is worse than nagging pain to really ruin your day. I think there are quack chiro's and really good ones, you must have a good one. Michael jumped off our bed once when he was about 3 and limped for a couple of days so I took him to a good one here, he adjusted him and the limp was gone...made a believer out of me! The same guy has helped several people I know and when you are fixed he doesn't try to get you to come back all the time!

Rochelle said...

Some of them are quacks...you're right, but I know there are good ones. I'm glad you got some relief!