Wednesday, January 18

I'm not a pig--really

Did you ever wonder what 10 years worth of dust would look like? I readily admit I'm no domestic diva, but I'm not gross either. My house is not usually a showroom, but for the most part it is generally tidy with not much more than a week's worth of dirt in most places ;) There is one exception to this rule though--the fan on my cathedral ceiling in the living room. For over a year now, I have been mulling over how to clean the 10 years worth of dirt that has built up on a fan that is totally out of reach. With John (my husband) not seeming at all stressed over this allergy-fest inducing item in our house, I have gone so far as to consider purchasing the "Little Giant" ladder that they infomercial on TV or even renting a scaffold to put between the 2 beams going through the living room.

On Monday, with the kids home for Martin Luther King Jr day, I was drifting around the house noticing all sorts of little things that had been bugging me. As I went downstairs from my balcony, I again noticed the ickiness of the ceiling fan that had been bothering me every time I descended to my bottom floor. I finally decided enough was enough, and took my life into my own hands. I went and got my Swiffer duster with extra-long extend-a-handle (I proudly admit I have every version of Swiffer ever made, although not all of them get regular use). I boldly stepped out on one of the beams crossing my living room ceiling (I can easily do this because John has never completed our stairway railing going to the second floor). I held on to the railing post and stretched my arm as far as possible and wa-la! It kind of reached the ceiling fan. I batted around, whacking at the fan, causing most of the dust to rain down on my carpet just from the flurry of activity.

I can now say that although the fan is not spic-and-span, you can't tell it from the naked eye looking from down below. The picture is a little sample of what had to be cleaned off my carpet after the job was done. And I didn't even sneeze!

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Rochelle said...

Hilarious....& I'm glad you're limbs are all intact after that! I had to giggle about your Swiffer is a guilty pleasure of mine too!