Sunday, January 29

Gen Y Wannabe

Last night (Sat) my 40-something husband, who fancies himself a 20-something studly, introduced me to a missed event of my teenhood--garage band concerts.

We have a kid in our church that has a very talented band, and we really enjoy the music from Dear John. Neil Eash, the lead singer, guitarist and writer of all the music, regularly plays in our services. A couple of weeks ago, my John invited us to a "house show" the band was having. I immediately had red flags going up, envisioning being the only people over 25 in a group of people eventually getting arrested for disturbing the peace of the neighborhood. But try as I might, my husband insisted that the band would be very disappointed if we didn't show up.

I'm positive we were the only people who had to get a babysitter for the event. After a quick dinner at Bud's place in Apalachin, we showed up at the neighborhood at 7pm. Us old fogies were the first of the audience to arrive. It seemed a little strange to walk into a house when you don't even know who it is owned by! About half an hour later, 25 of us descended into a basement the size of a one-car garage complete with speakers, microphones, light and smoke machine. We all stood around for the next 2 hours listening to awesome music. It took a little while for it to become natural perching on the staircase of a basement with the vibrations giving my rear-end a massage. But in the end, I left feeling like a college co-ed. We even went out for coffee afterward. Guess my John's not as old as I say he is.

See the band and hear music at

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Anonymous said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. It will keep you young doing stuff like that :) Amy

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of time! I LOVE doing that sort of thing, it surely does keep you young.......~Sue