Saturday, January 21

Butterfly Kisses

The day was a flurry of activity as Caroline got up bright and early Saturday morning, saying that she "really needed to get her rest today for the big dance tonight". We were off to the archery shop at 8:40 (Jen in charge this week, if you remember last week's entry!) and upon seeing the florist next door, made an emergency detour to see if they could whip up a small wrist corsage in blue. I had sort of forgotten this little touch from last year and knew Caroline would be horrified to have it overlooked. Luckily the shop obliged. Next was a stop to drop Eric off at a friend's while Caroline and I went to get a quick hair trim and stop at our favorite jewelry store, Van Horn Jewelers in Owego, NY. While there, Caroline picked out the absolute brightest, biggest bauble of a necklace to top off her outfit. It set her back a whole $3.40 of her allowance money (thank goodness an expensive jewelry store also has a "costume" section). She was thrilled when she decided that her new necklace would nicely complement her delicate pastel blue corsage--and the gold dress with black lace overlay. That's why it is great to be 8.

By the time we were done with my hair cut and the jewelry stop, it was time to dash back home to have my marathon friend/kboxing buddy, Karen meet us at home to do Caroline's hair. Caroline had her heart set on having a curly up-do, and I haven't mastered that skill yet. By 4:30 pm, Caroline was primped, pinned and bedecked and ready for a nice dinner to Friendly's with her dad and a night of showing off her pretty dress. She was practicing the twist all the way down the porch stairs and into John's truck as they took off. They'll be burning the junior midnight oil as the dance goes waaay past bedtime--8:30!

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