Friday, January 27

Bruised Bedhead

Wednesday night was not the most pleasant. I shared my bed with "The Claw". My husband was on a business trip overnight and Caroline, who jumps at any chance to sleep with me, announced that she would keep me from being lonely while dad was gone. "Great" said I through gritted teeth.

You need to know this about my husband and I. We get along great, we never fight, we're quite affectionate with one another, but we take our sleeping business seriously (or at least I do). We have a king sized bed and we each have our own side. And when we are sleeping, we stay ON IT. We are not spooners, snugglers, huggers or anything of the sort unless we are awake. We do not thrash, steal covers, roll over on one another--we keep to ourselves.

Caroline, however, sleeps in a twin bed which is taken up by an adult-sized pink fuzzy horse, 7 stuffed cats and a myriad of other stuffed animals. She has a spot the size of a shoebox to sleep on and her animals all just love it when she lays, crawls, hangs and plops on top of them. I am a different story. I got Caroline settled into my bed about 8:30 pm just before I sat down to pound out some more medical transcription.

CLAW: "Mom, whose side should I sleep on".
Me: "Definitely Dad's. He would be so happy to know you are keeping his spot warm while he's gone. Now be sure to stay right on his side, on his pillow, because that's how he sleeps".
CLAW: "Mom, I think I need an extra blanket. Mom, can you close the closet doors and the bathroom door? I get kind of creeped out when any doors are open. Oh, and can you turn on Dad's CD that he likes to listen to when he's going to sleep? And I might need a drink. Oh and can Fluffy sleep with us (adult size pink horse)."

After getting her all settled, I transcribed until about 11pm and went in to find head on dad's side, feet on mine. Moving her over caused a whole sleep-induced conversation of mumbling, stirring, protesting and the sort. Just as I got settled beside her, the whacking, scratching, kicking, poking, prodding started and continued all night.

I woke up feeling fresh as a rotten cucumber the next morning and I had bruises like I'd just finished a full-contact kickboxing match. The crazy thing is, I'll glady let her sleep with me next time John's gone too.

3 of Your THINKS:

Anonymous said...

AWWWW.....very nice story and I do know the feeling!

Mary E H said...

What a hoot! My two oldest get to take turns sleeping with me too when Daddy is out of town, and they often manage to find a way to turn sideways in our big bed, can't quite figure that one out. And Rick and I are like you guys, each to their own side while sleeping so if someone touches me in the night it wakes me up instantly. I've had a few hits to the face by a flailing arm, hand, leg or foot - doesn't make for good sleeping does it? Maybe you'll get to sneak in a nap today.

Anonymous said...

I am so, so sorry, but I could not help but giggle through your entire post. I loved the part about "taking your sleeping business seriously" That set the stage for what was to come. Way too funny, I loved it. Hope your feeling better very soon.
- Debbie S