Monday, August 26

Hey, Again!

Life has moved along as it always does, and lately it's been dragging me along behind it.  This spring, with Senior years of high school and then college looming, I decided to make a job change.

I got lucky and found my dream job at a local hospital, as the coordinator for their large volunteer department.  I've always fancied myself talented in the realm of concierge, and that's kind of my role--matching people up with their skills to fit needs within hospital departments.  I could also describe myself as a guidance counselor, but believe me, it brings on a whole new meaning when you are dealing with "Seniors" in the literal sense of the word.  In addition to the hospital gig, and at about the same timeframe, I found a second part-time job at a local attorney's office, right around the corner from the hospital.  Initially, I anticipated taking one job or the other, but as it turns out, my poor judgement took over and I accepted both. 

Truthfully, I like each of them equally well, and the 2 part-time statuses allow me more flexibility than 1 full-time job would.  This summer has been a bit of a transition since my kids have been home without me.  But my big guy has his own car, and has been a champ at chauffeuring his sister around, so it has worked out quite well.

We are taking off with the adventure of Senior year in high school, and I'm sure to be sobbing the whole live-long 180 days of my boy's last months as a kid. 

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