Friday, November 23

Blessings Through Raindrops

Thursday afternoon about 2pm, just as we were putting the finishing touches on our Thanksgiving dinner, my sister glanced up and saw a car coming down the road in front of my house. It slid, flipped twice and landed on its roof. Thankfully my hubby is a medic and my mother is an RN and they rushed out and began helping the family. We quickly realized that the victims were friends; my son wrestles with one of the boys in the car.  Dad, and three of their five sons (including a 2-year-old toddler) were coming to bring a pie to our family for Thanksgiving to thank us for driving their son back and forth to wrestling practice with our son.

Their family is about as different from mine as can be--we are Christian; they are Muslim.  They are a family of 5 boys and 2 parents; I have one son, one daughter.  They are a Kurdish family who fled Iraq about a dozen years ago during the war with Saddam Hussein; I have lived in in the US my whole life.  But we also have much in common.  We live in the same community, our children attend the same school, we each love our families and children, we are each grateful for the blessings of friends.

Thankfully, God was watching over them all; there were no life-threatening injuries. However, this family is going to face challenges in the upcoming months with the loss of their only car, medical bills from the Dad's crushed hand and time off work.  If you are looking for someone to bless this holiday season this would be a great family to give to as they are hard workers, loyal friends and grateful recipients of lives spared from death as a result of this frightening accident.  It reminds me of the Laura Story song, Blessings, that says "What if your blessings come through raindrops, what if your healing comes through tears."  I want to be a blessing to this family.

I have located someone willing to donate a vehicle to this family, but we need to raise approximately $1000 for some repairs, new tires and inspection.  If you would like to help in a practical way during this holiday season, hit the "Donate" button, and we will gratefully put your donation toward the expenses to provide a new car to this family. Any money raised above the car expenses will be given directly to the family in cash or gift cards for food and living expenses.

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