Monday, November 26

It's Better To Give

“It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Mother Theresa

Pictured above is a car that a co-worker of mine has offered to our friends that had the car accident on their way to our house on Thanksgiving afternoon. You can read details in the post below, but they were coming to our house to bring us a pie for Thanksgiving ::sob:: It has been gratifying to see how our family, friends and  neighbors have stepped forward to help us raise the money to provide them with a new car.  We are collecting money to pay for a  few repairs, purchase new tires and get the vehicle inspected and on the road.  Since Friday evening, we have already raised approximately $650 of the $1000 that we need, through the generosity of those who felt impressed to give.   Every gift has value and we are so humbled by the willingness of everyone who has given what they can.

We visited our friends Sunday afternoon so that John could check on their wounds from the accident and make sure that they understood all the discharge instructions from the hospital.  We were able get better acquainted with them to hear what it was like for them living as a Khurdish family in Iraq.  It was sad to hear about the life and job they left behind and their struggle to establish their life in the U.S.  They were amazed at how our community of relationships has stepped forward to help strangers.

In this season of thanks and giving, know that there are people that you can bless beyond measure.  If you don't have a giving opportunity already chosen, we would be honored if you would join with us in helping our friends obtain the transportation they desperately need.  We would like to be able to complete the repairs and DMV registration process and deliver the car to them by this weekend.  Any money we raise above the $1000 that we need for the car will go to pay for a $625 bill that they received from the towing company that hauled their destroyed vehicle away.  If we receive more, we will purchase 2 cords of wood for them to burn this winter, as they use a wood stove to heat their home.

There are several ways to give.  First, you may donate via credit card or Paypal through the Paypal link below.  If you prefer, you may send us a check directly.  If you would prefer your gift be more personal, we can provide you with the home address of the family.  Feel free to share this post, as we never know who is looking for an opportunity to give.

For anyone who donates directly through us, we will be sending an accounting of how much money we raise, and specifically what it has been used for.  It will be gratifying to relate to each of you how we have come together to bless this family.

Blessings on each of you, and blessings on our friends whom we have grown to love.

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