Sunday, January 31

Week 3 of half marathon training

This week brought very cold temperatures that caused a challenge for some of my runs. It is almost impossible for me to stay comfortably warm when it gets below 20 degrees. I did my first hill workout, which is meant to strengthen a different set of muscles and increase your speed. I did that on the treadmill on Monday because the weather was dangerously wet and we were in a flood state--I decided not to risk getting drenched by passing cars.

The rest of the week had runs ranging between 3 and 5 miles. My week culminated with a 6 mile "long run". I had to put that off on Saturday because the temperature hovered around 14 degrees, and the weatherman promised a balmy 20 degrees on Sunday!
I really don't like running on Sunday--it is a full day of church and family dinner and activities and I am usually too pooped out to take a long run. But I planned carefully, took some extra snacks to church to keep fueled up, and headed out the door while my sweet hubby fixed lunch for the kids.

In addition to my runs, I kickboxed for an hour on Monday and did hour-long strength training classes with my trainer on Tuesday and Thursday. I noticed on one of my 3-milers (that was particularly hilly) that my stamina was not what it usually is--I even stopped to walk one-tenth of a mile. I have not done that since I started running! It was a bad idea too, because it has been a real temptation on the rest of my runs this week--to just stop for a minute or two. I find that I have a very hard time re-starting though, and it's just better for me to grit my teeth through it when the going gets tough.

I am so very thankful for the support my husband and kids have given me in my training - never complaining about my Saturday revolving around getting that run in. They are a bunch of keepers!

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Suzy said...

Your training is coming along! Good for you to get outside to run. ITA, walking even a little bit makes it tempting to walk a lot more.

Nicki said...

You are doing great, Jennifer!!!!

The hill you walked on is a tough one. I have found few that are worse. I pooped out - hate the treadmill - and didn't run Thurs, Fri or Sat. Big mistake! I did run on Sunday after early church.

Are you interested in a Sunday 5K? I am going to Cazenovia this coming Sunday to run the Chilly Chili 5K. Clocked out 5K out of my 4 miles yesterday and I should be able to PR on Sunday as I have cut 3 mins off my time from the Seneca Falls 5K I ran.

Tricia said...

great job!

ajh said...

Thanks for the Target on line suggestion. I have done that but forget about it.

PandaMom said...

If I have to update then you have to update!!! This thing is from January 31st!! Come on, Healthy Queen, post something new!!! ; )

Molly said...

It sounds like everything is coming along well! That is great to have the support of your family, I'm sure they're proud of you.

Are you doing any other races in this area before the half?

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Your comment at my blog about my scratched up Garmin being a battle scar - LOL!

Looks like you're doing a super job at keeping up with your half marathon training even through extreme temps! How great that you're running for World Vision!