Tuesday, June 2

Seems Like Just Yesterday

Happy 20th Anniversary, Sweets! Thanks for lettin' me marry you!

3 of Your THINKS:

Randy Huff said...

Read your post from a few years back over on Mary's blog. OUTSTANDING, solid, true, worth reading again. I am sure you will be -- and have been already -- able to help many couples. The sadness of throwing in the towel before giving the marriage time to be what it is supposed to be -- that is a deep sadness and so many fall into that trap. Jane and I are coming into 20 years this summer. Wonderful! Fantastic! And also full of all of the truth you described. Glad we stayed with it and took the "right" turns!
Thanks for an inspiring post.

Anonymous said...

What a good looking couple! You are truly an inspiration, a friend that I have treasured and am blessed to have (especially in the past 7 months) :-) ~Sue

Online Dater said...

My husband also loves that kind of stuff so I just let him. What ever that could please him that’s what I also desire.
Wow..Happy Anniversary! I’m wishing your 50th Wedding Anniversary photo will be the next picture I’m going to see by next time..