Thursday, December 4


During a day of too much heavy stuff, THIS made me laugh out loud.

PS - Stuff Christians Like is a parody site that finds the humor in some of the things that are common among Christians and/or churches. It's meant to be all in fun.

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Stephen Ley said...

This seems like something your brother would post!

melanie said...

That is so perfect!! I have one lady who sends me forwards every day- and I would love to send her one of those letters!

Mary Ellen said...


Miss Scarlett said...

HI! Blogging has been on a back burner this semester, but I just wanted to say Merry Christmas!!!

Melody R said...

Hey Jen,
It's great to see your blog. You have a beautiful family!

Hope 2009 is great for you and yours!


Meowzers said...
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