Tuesday, October 14

All the Proof You're Gonna Get

As I claimed a few weeks ago, that would be me risking my life to face my incredible fear of height. Well, and maybe to impress you a little. It's me on Jacob's Ladder on the Alpine Tower, Baby.

I Wanna Win. You Wanna Win?

It's about time for me to get a new purse. After all, I get one new one every season, carry it with everything, get sick of it just in time for the weather to change and get a new one. I never keep them and I don't carry them again. Neither do I spend much on them. TJ Maxx is usually my go-to place for cheap, chic handbags.

But now there's something better - FREE! Handbag Planet.com is giving away these really cute purses. This is the one I covet. Is it really coveting if you only want it from a web site and not another person? Perhaps it is. I'll have to look into that. Until I do, I covet this one.

Go enter for your own at Handbag Planet or even take pity and win for me. So I don't have to covet from you. Yeah, I like that idea.