Thursday, September 18

Little Chic is 11

My sweet girl is turning 11 today. It's hard to grasp that she is in 6th grade. I remember being that age and I think of myself being SO much older at that stage than she is! She has been commenting all week to everyone that we see that "nothing special is happening on Thursday." It behooves us all to ask why that is, just to see the satisfaction on her face when she gets to "remind" us all that it's her birthday. As if we could forget. We'll be going to dinner tonight where we will coyly inform the waitress that it's "somebody's" birthday and Little Chic can act like she doesn't really want anybody to know. And she'll be thrilled when they bring her a special dessert and sing the restaurant theme song to her in front of everybody. But only on the inside. She'll act like she can't imagine HOW in the world these strangers know it's her birthday and that it's just so embarrassing. I love that about her.

This girl is definitely the one who keeps the music in our family. She wakes up chipper with a song in her head and sets the mood of happiness and a carefree spirit for the rest of the day. She is the most thoughtful of children that I've ever met and her little life is lived with compassion and joy.

I have become a better person for having the privilege of being her mom.

4 of Your THINKS:

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Little Chic! She is just TOO adorable JenLo! I know she's going to have a special day. You're such a "cool" mom!

Blessings - Debbie

Rochelle said...

What a sweet post about Lil Chic! She looks so cute in that picture!! Happy 11th to her!!

Mary Ellen said...

Great picture and what a great tribute you wrote, she is one cool chick!

Nicole Feliciano said...

I just found your blog thanks to 5Mins for Mom. I've got two little ones and it is hard to believe they will ever be this big.

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Contests all end tonight. There's even one just for moms--win a Lucy Activewear Breast Cancer awareness tee. It's perfect for you--one tee is a lady kickboxer! Here's that link: