Friday, September 19

From the Front Lines of Middle School

Brainy Boy started at the middle school for 7th grade this year. Let me tell ya, it's a whole different world over there! Among the myriad of changes including a variety of teachers' expectations, locker combinations and starting school at 7:30 a.m., a new awareness of physical appearance has also come into existence.

The most recent problem occurred this morning while getting ready for school. From the bathroom I hear....

"Ma, can you do something about my eyebrows? They're fusing together."

If that's the hardest problem I get, I'm in great shape.

2 of Your THINKS:

Stephen Ley said...

He's a little young to be worrying about "mono-brow". Then again, I wince when I look at my 7th grade photos.

janet said...

Our kids grow up so fast... Mine is already 7, and seeing these posts reminds me that these days are flying by.

I do hope your uncle's surgery went smoothly.